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Economic History Review

Corporate ownership and control in Victorian Britain
Graeme G. Acheson, Gareth Campbell, John D. Turner, Nadia Vanteeva, ONLINE EARLY
Small-scale technologies and European coal mine safety, 1850–1900
John E. Murray, Javier Silvestre, ONLINE EARLY
Independent invention in Italy during the Liberal Age, 1861–1913
Alessandro Nuvolari, Michelangelo Vasta, ONLINE EARLY
Copper sheathing and the British slave trade
Peter M. Solar, Klas Rönnbäck, ONLINE EARLY
Does history matter? Colonial education investments in India
Latika Chaudhary, Manuj Garg, ONLINE EARLY
The diffusion and impact of the corporation in 1910
James Foreman-Peck, Leslie Hannah, ONLINE EARLY
Consumption conundrums unravelled
Sara Horrell, Jane Humphries, Ken Sneath, ONLINE EARLY
‘The city has been wronged and abused!’: institutional corruption in the eighteenth century

English Historical Review

The Early Career of William of Ypres in England: A New Charter of King Stephen
Nieus, J.-F., vol. 130 (544): 527-545
Fragmented Cities in the Later Middle Ages: Italy and the Near East Compared
Lantschner, P., vol. 130 (544): 546-582
French Visions of Empire: Contesting British Power in India after the Seven Years War
Margerison, K., vol. 130 (544): 583-612
Leading from the Front: The 'Service Members' in Parliament, the Armed Forces, and British Politics during the Great War
Johnson, M., vol. 130 (544): 613-645
Magna Carta and the English Historical Review: A Review Article
Vincent, N., vol. 130 (544): 646-684
Kingship and Consent in Anglo-Saxon England, 871-978: Assemblies and the State in the Early Middle Ages, by Levi Roach
Rollason, D., vol. 130 (544): 685-686
The King's Body: Burial and Succession in Late Anglo-Saxon England, by Nicole Marafioti
Foot, S., vol. 130 (544): 686-688
Defining Boundaries in al-Andalus: Muslims, Christians and Jews in Islamic Iberia, by Janina Safran
Clarke, N., vol. 130 (544): 688-690
The Middle Byzantine Historians, by Warren Treadgold
Hobbs, C., vol. 130 (544): 690-691
Reframing the Feudal Revolution: Political and Social Transformation between Marne and Moselle, c.800-c.1100, by Charles West
John, S., vol. 130 (544): 692-694
Domesday: Book of Judgement, by Sally Harvey
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Les strategies matrimoniales (IXe-XIIIe siecle), ed. Martin Aurell
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