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English Historical Review

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A Companion to Global Environmental History, ed. J.R. McNeill and Erin Stewart Mauldin
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Attention is also drawn to the following publications:
vol. 129 (539): 1026-1048
vol. 129 (539): 1049-1049

European History Quarterly

The British Origins of the French Jacobins: Radical Sociability and the Development of Political Club Networks, 1787-1793
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Liberal Theocracy in the Italian Risorgimento
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Turning Defects to Advantages: The Discourse of Labour in the Autobiographies of Soviet Blinded Second World War Veterans
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Cold War Politics in Britain and the Contested Legacy of the Spanish Civil War
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The Spatial Turn of Social and Cultural History: A Review of the Current Field
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Serhiy Bilenky, Romantic Nationalism in Eastern Europe: Russian, Polish and Ukrainian Political Imaginations
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