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CHINOPERL: Journal of Chinese Oral and Performing Literature

Entertaining Deities and Humans with Performances of Puju (Puzhou Opera) at a Temple Fair in Yangxie Village, Southwestern Shanxi, May 29–June 2, 2013
Ziying You, vol. 34 (2): 139-161
A Report on the 2014 UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionette) Conference, Nanchong, Sichuan, China
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A Report on the 2014 CHIME Workshop “Storysinging and Storytelling in China”
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A Report on the International Conference on Chinese Baojuan (Precious Scrolls), Yangzhou, China, 2014
Rostislav Berezkin, vol. 34 (2): 169-173
Shadow Woman: The Extraordinary Career of Pauline Benton
Jennifer W. Jay, vol. 34 (2): 174-176
Uncle Ng Comes to America: Chinese Narrative Songs of Immigration and Love
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Performance Review: Nanguan Meets Modern Chinese Poetry: Wang Xinxin's Nanguan shiyi (Nanguan/Poetic meaning) Taiwan Tour, May 2015
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Recent Chronologically Organized Reference Books Concerning Chinese Indigenous Theater (Xiqu)
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Recent Color Reproductions of Qing Dynasty Palace Multi-Colored Play Scripts
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Cold War History

Fighting the red peril in the Congo. Paradoxes and perspectives on an equivocal challenge to Belgium and the West (1947–1960)
vol. 16 (3): 273-290
‘Bitterness towards Egypt’ – the Moroccan nationalist movement, revolutionary Cairo and the limits of anti-colonial solidarity
vol. 16 (2): 159-175
The Soviet Union and the creation of the International Atomic Energy Agency
vol. 16 (2): 177-193
On the ‘arcane modern science of Kremlinology’ or the case of the vanishing birthdays
vol. 16 (2): 141-158
The Cold War, the developing world, and the creation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), 1953–1957
vol. 16 (2): 195-212
The Atomic Marshall Plan: Atoms for Peace, British diplomacy and civil nuclear power
vol. 16 (2): 213-230
‘A statement against the totalitarian countries of Europe’: human rights and the early Cold War
vol. 16 (2): 125-140
The Battle for Mozambique: The Frelimo-Renamo Struggle, 1977–1992
vol. 16 (2): 235-237
Soviet Leaders and Intelligence: Assessing the American Adversary During the Cold War
vol. 16 (2): 233-234
Stalin, Vol. I: paradoxes of power, 1878–1928
vol. 16 (2): 231-233
Plausibly deniable: mercenaries in US covert interventions during the Cold War, 1964–1987
vol. 16 (1): 37-60
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