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Australian Journal of Politics & History

South Australia January to June 2016
Haydon Manning, vol. 62 (4): 637-643
Tasmania January to June 2016
Dain Bolwell, Heath Whiley, Richard Eccleston, vol. 62 (4): 643-650
Northern Territory January to June 2016
Robyn Smith, vol. 62 (4): 650-654
Australian Capital Territory January to June 2016
Brendan McCaffrie, vol. 62 (4): 654-658
Volume Index
vol. 62 (4): 659-664
Issue Information
vol. 62 (3): 0-0
Too Big to Fail: Explaining the Timing and Nature of Intervention in the Australian Wool Market, 1916–1991
Simon Ville, David Merrett, vol. 62 (3): 337-352
Australian POWs and the Sinking of the Rakuyo Maru: The Politics of Repatriation
Michael Sturma, vol. 62 (3): 353-368
A New Kind of Mission: The Volunteer Graduate Scheme and the Cultural History of International Development
Agnieszka Sobocinska, vol. 62 (3): 369-387
Bringing Economics Back into Assimilation: The Select Committee of Inquiry into the Grievances of The Yirrkala Aborigines 1963
Virginia Watson, vol. 62 (3): 388-403
“Men who smell of fear”: The Menzies Government and Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence
Carl Watts, vol. 62 (3): 404-418
“Developing a community soul”: A Comparative Assessment of the Australian Assistance Plan in Three Regions, 1973–1977
Erik Eklund, Melanie Oppenheimer, Joanne Scott, vol. 62 (3): 419-434
“Super” Debates within the Antipodes? Explaining Differing New Zealand and Australian Retirement Policies in the late Twentieth Century
Melanie Nolan, vol. 62 (3): 435-451
For Whom the Bellwether Polls: The Electorate of Eden-Monaro as an Indicator of Australian Electoral Trends
Brendan McCaffrie, Chris Aulich, vol. 62 (3): 452-466
Australian Religious Thought
Ian Tregenza, vol. 62 (3): 467-468
Rushing for Gold: Life and Commerce on the Goldfields of New Zealand and Australia
Jonathan Richards, vol. 62 (3): 468-469
Settling the Office: The Australian Prime Ministership from Federation to Reconstruction
David Day, vol. 62 (3): 469-470
The War with the Ottoman Empire: The Centenary History of Australia and the Great War Volume 2
Kate Ariotti, vol. 62 (3): 470-471
The War at Home
Mark Cryle, vol. 62 (3): 471-472
Armenia, Australia and the Great War
Romain Fathi, vol. 62 (3): 472-473
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