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Contemporary British History

‘The Front Line’: Firefighting in British Culture, 1939–1945
Global Britain and the Post-colonial World: The British Approach to Aid Policies at the 1964 Juncture
An Interlude of Agreement? A Reassessment of the Conference on Devolution's ‘Consensus’ on Powers

Costume Journal of the Costume Society

Valerie Cumming, vol. 49 (1): 1-2
Elizabeth Hammond’s Collection and the Kent Costume Trust: An Appreciation
Judith Doré, vol. 49 (1): 3-7
‘An old and faithful servand’: A Pair of Early Seventeenth-Century Gauntlet Gloves given by King Charles I to Sir Henry Wardlaw
Claire Robinson, vol. 49 (1): 8-31
Giles Moore’s Clothes:The Clothing of a Sussex Rector,1656–1679
Danae Tankard, vol. 49 (1): 32-54
Gendered by Design: Qipao and Society, 1911–1949
Sandy Ng, vol. 49 (1): 55-74
Striking a Pose: The Display of Hollywood Costume
Sam Gatley, vol. 49 (1): 75-90
Fifty Articles for Fifty Years
Valerie Cumming, vol. 49 (1): 91-99
Selective List of Recent Articles from Periodicals
Pat Poppy, vol. 49 (1): 100-109
Selective List of Recent Dress Exhibitions
Imogen Stewart, vol. 49 (1): 110-117
Book Reviews
vol. 49 (1): 118-142
Anthea Jarvis, vol. 49 (1): 143-145
Valerie Cumming, vol. 49 (1): 146-149
The Costume Society Jubilee Awards 2015
vol. 49 (1): 150-150

Cultural History

In Defence of Holy Days: The Peasantry's Opposition to the Reduction of Holy Days in Early Modern Sweden
vol. 3 (2): 103-125
Dreams in Cultural History: Dream Narratives and the History of Subjectivity
vol. 3 (2): 126-147
Bracelets are for Hard Times: Economic Hardship, Sentimentality and the Andalusi Hebrew Poetess
vol. 3 (2): 148-169
A Polite Foucault? Eighteenth-Century Politeness as a Disciplinary System and Practice of the Self
vol. 3 (2): 170-189
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