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The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics and Culture

Nixon’s marijuana problem: youth politics and ‘law and order,’ 1968–72
“We have our own struggle”: Up Against the Wall Motherfucker and the avant-garde of community action, the Lower East Side, 1968

Twentieth Century British History

'Left out in the Cold: Village Women and Agricultural Labour in England and Wales during the First World War
Verdon, N., vol. 27 (1): 1-25
Nations of Peace: Nuclear Disarmament and the Making of National Identity in Scotland and Wales
Hill, C. R., vol. 27 (1): 26-50
Literature, Criticism, and Politics in the Early New Left, 1956-62
Hutton, A., vol. 27 (1): 51-75
De-industrialization Not Decline: A New Meta-narrative for Post-war British History
Tomlinson, J., vol. 27 (1): 76-99
'Manufacturing Capitalists: The Wider Share Ownership Council and the Problem of 'Popular Capitalism, 1958-92
Edwards, A., vol. 27 (1): 100-123
States of Union: Modern Scotland and British History
OLeary, P., vol. 27 (1): 124-143
Training Minds for the War of Ideas: Ashridge College, the Conservative Party and the cultural politics of Britain, 1929-54. By Clarisse Berthezene.
Thackeray, D., vol. 27 (1): 144-145
The Great War and the Origins of Humanitarianism 1918-1924. By Bruno Cabanes
Murray, P., vol. 27 (1): 146-148
Mosley and British Politics 1918-32. Oswalds Odyssey. By David Howell.
Williamson, P., vol. 27 (1): 148-150
British Fascist Antisemitism and Jewish Responses, 1932-40. By Daniel Tilles
Pugh, M., vol. 27 (1): 150-151
The Battle of the Fields: Rural Community and Authority in Britain during the Second World War. By Brian Short.
Moore-Colyer, R., vol. 27 (1): 152-154
Diary from the Edge, 1940-1944: A Wartime Adolescence. By Anthony Ryle.
McKibbin, R., vol. 27 (1): 154-156
Policing Youth: Britain, 1945-70. By Louise A. Jackson with Angela Bartie
Fowler, D., vol. 27 (1): 156-158
The Liberal Party and the Economy, 1929-1964. By Peter Sloman.
Wrigley, C., vol. 27 (1): 158-160
Monetary Policy and Financial Repression in Britain, 1951-59. By William A. Allen
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Probation and Rehabilitation in England and Wales, 1876-1962. By Raymond Gard
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The Winter of Discontent: Myth, Memory and History. By Tara Martin Lopez.
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The End of Apartheid. Diary of a Revolution. By Robin Renwick
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