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The Journal of Pacific History

From Taovia to Trustee: Urbanisation, Land Disputes and Social Differentiation in Kakabona
vol. 50 (4): 437-449
Maasina Rule beyond Recognition
vol. 50 (4): 486-503
Honiara: Arrival City and Pacific Hybrid Living Space
vol. 50 (4): 419-436
Big Money in the Rural: Wealth and Dispossession in Western Solomons Political Economy
vol. 50 (4): 473-485
Editorial Board
vol. 50 (4): 0-0

The London Journal

The Changing River Thames: Some Thoughts from an Archaeological Perspective
Gustav Milne, vol. 40 (3): 211-217
London's River? The Thames as Contested Environmental Space
Vanessa Taylor, vol. 40 (3): 183-195
Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Photographs of the River Thames: The Collections of the Museum of London and the Port of London Authority
Alex Werner, vol. 40 (3): 196-210
Archives and Resources in the Thames Region for Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Environmental History
Sarah Rosalind Palmer, vol. 40 (3): 218-224
‘An Unimportant River in the Neighbourhood of London’: The Use and Abuse of the River Wandle
Hadrian Cook, vol. 40 (3): 225-243
Whose River? London and the Thames Estuary, 1960–2014
Vanessa Taylor, vol. 40 (3): 244-271
Waterspace Planning and the River Thames in London
Philip Pinch, vol. 40 (3): 272-292
Geoff Swallow, vol. 40 (3): 293-302
Redressing Reform Narratives: Victorian London's Street Markets and the Informal Supply Lines of Urban Modernity
Peter T. A. Jones, ONLINE EARLY

The Medieval History Journal

Introduction Autobiographical Writings in Pre-modern Europe and Asia: A Decentred Perspective
Siebenhüner, K., Church, S., vol. 18 (2): 193-213
Mir Taqi Mir's Zikr-i Mir: An Account of the Poet or an Account by the Poet?
Sabri, Z., vol. 18 (2): 214-249
Gathering the Threads: Religious Autobiography in Pre-colonial South Asia
Martinez, C., vol. 18 (2): 250-277
Talking to a Deity: The Royal Lady Hachijo-in at Prayer
Kawai, S., vol. 18 (2): 278-304
Medieval Chinese Autobiographical Writing: The Self-Written Epitaph
Wang, Y., vol. 18 (2): 305-345
Persons, the 'Autobiographical Person' and Cultural Concepts of the Person: Early Modern Self-narratives from German-speaking Areas in a Transcultural Perspective
Jancke, G., vol. 18 (2): 346-377
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