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The History of the Family: An International Quarterly

The stem family and industrialization in Catalonia (1900–1936)
vol. 22 (1): 34-56
Marital fertility during the Korean demographic transition: child survival and birth spacing
vol. 21 (4): 483-501
A stem-family society without the stem-family ideology? The case of eighteenth-century Poland
vol. 21 (4): 502-530
Female crime and household control in early modern Frankfurt am Main
vol. 21 (4): 531-550
The prevalence of single-parent families and stepfamilies in Europe: can the Hajnal line help us to describe regional patterns?
vol. 21 (4): 578-595
Low fertility and concurrent birth control policy in China
vol. 21 (4): 551-577
vol. 21 (4): 0-0
Editorial Board
vol. 21 (4): 0-0
Moving backward and moving on: nostalgia, significant others, and social reintegration in nineteenth-century British immigrant personal correspondence
vol. 21 (3): 291-314
Settler colonialism and migrant letters: the Forbes family and letter-writing in South Africa 1850–1922
vol. 21 (3): 398-428
Shared letters: writing and reading practices in the correspondence of migrant families in northern Spain
vol. 21 (3): 429-456
‘If it is not too expensive, then you can send me sugar’: money matters among migrants and their families
vol. 21 (3): 350-367
‘I never could forget my darling mother’: the language of recollection in a corpus of female Irish emigrant correspondence
vol. 21 (3): 315-336
Adjusting and fulfilling masculine roles: the epistolary persona in Dutch transatlantic letters
vol. 21 (3): 337-349
The transnational life and letters of the Venegas family, 1920s to 1950s
vol. 21 (3): 457-482
Reconsidering the migrant letter: from the experience of migrants to the language of migrants
vol. 21 (3): 281-290
For the good of the family: migratory strategies and affective language in Portuguese migrant letters, 1870s–1920s
vol. 21 (3): 368-397
The consequences of sibling formation on survival and reproductive success across different ecological contexts: a comparison of the historical Krummhörn and Quebec populations
Sibship size and the biological standard of living in industrial Catalonia, c.1860–c.1920: a case study
Temporary and lasting effects of childhood deprivation on male stature. Late adolescent stature and catch-up growth in Woerden (The Netherlands) in the first half of the nineteenth century
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