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Slavery & Abolition

The Indian Ocean in Transatlantic Slavery
Minority Voices: Abolitionism in West Africa
Master–Horse–Slave: Mobility, Race and Power in the British West Indies, c.1780–1838
Minority Voices: Abolitionism in West Africa

Social History

Unmaking the Middle Eastern working classes: labour and the politics of historiography
vol. 40 (2): 145-156
Prototypes for modern living: planning, sociology and the model village in inter-war Romania
vol. 40 (2): 157-184
Courtship at the coroner's court
vol. 40 (2): 185-207
The social composition of plaintiffs and defendants in the Peacemaker court, Leiden, 1750–54
vol. 40 (2): 208-229
Learning by wrong-doing: aspiration and transgression among German pupils after the Thirty Years' War
vol. 40 (2): 230-246
The Disappearing Mestizo. Configuring Difference in the Colonial New Kingdom of Granada
vol. 40 (2): 247-249
Let God Arise: The War and Rebellion of the Camisards
vol. 40 (2): 249-250
Honour, Violence and Emotions in History
vol. 40 (2): 250-253
War Memories: The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in Modern European Culture
vol. 40 (2): 253-254
1820: Disorder and Stability in the United Kingdom
vol. 40 (2): 255-257
Masters, Slaves, and Exchange: Power's Purchase in the Old South
vol. 40 (2): 257-259
Distant Strangers. How Britain Became Modern
vol. 40 (2): 259-261
Crime and Poverty in 19th-Century England: The Economy of Makeshifts
vol. 40 (2): 261-263
Streetlife in Late Victorian London: The Constable and the Crowd
vol. 40 (2): 263-265
Progressive Inequality: Rich and Poor in New York, 1890–1920
vol. 40 (2): 265-267
Political Imprisonment and the Irish, 1912–1921 / The IRA in Britain, 1919–1923: ‘In the Heart of Enemy Lines’
vol. 40 (2): 268-271
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