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The Historian

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Phi Alpha Theta Initiates
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Issue Information - Instructions for Authors
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The History of the Family: An International Quarterly

The female labour force participation, a matter of supply? a matter of demand? an exercise of reconstruction in a context of poverty, Barcelona, 1930–1950
vol. 22 (1): 57-81
Ideal versus reality? The domesticity ideal and household labour relations in Dutch industrializing regions, circa 1890
vol. 22 (1): 82-102
Sogdian careers and families in sixth- to seventh-century northern China: a case study of the Shi family based on archaeological finds and epitaph inscriptions
vol. 22 (1): 103-135
Interdependent living: labouring families and the Swedish mining industry in the late seventeenth century
vol. 22 (1): 136-155
The stem family and industrialization in Catalonia (1900–1936)
vol. 22 (1): 34-56
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