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The History of the Family: An International Quarterly

Precariousness or prosperity? The diverse faces of widowhood in rural Buenos Aires during the nineteenth century
Family structure and childhood anthropometry in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1918
The relationship between family characteristics and height in Sardinia at the turn of the twentieth century
Can resource dilution explain differences in height by birth order and family size? A study of 389,287 male recruits in twentieth-century Netherlands
The Programme de recherche en démographie historique: past, present and future developments in family reconstitution
Anthropometric traits at military medical examinations associated with demographic family characteristics in Sardinia at the turn of twentieth century

The International History Review

Diplomacy and Nation-Building in Africa, Franco-British Relations and Cameroon at the End of Empire, by Mélanie Torrent
vol. 39 (1): 170-171
Conservative Politics in National and Imperial Crisis: Letters from Britain to the Viceroy of India 1926–31, edited by Stuart Ball
vol. 39 (1): 167-168
The Month that Changed the World: July 1914, by Gordon Martel
vol. 39 (1): 168-169
War in Social Thought: Hobbes to the Present, by Hans Joas and Wolfgang Knoebl
vol. 39 (1): 171-172
Empire's Twin: U.S. Anti-Imperialism from the Founding Era to the Age of Terrorism, edited Ian Tyrrell and Jay Sexton
vol. 39 (1): 172-174
Out of Arabia: British Strategy and the Fate of Local Forces in Aden, South Yemen, and Oman, 1967–76
vol. 39 (1): 143-164
Saved by the Civil War: African ‘Loyalists’ in the Portuguese Armed Forces and Angola's Transition to Independence
vol. 39 (1): 126-142
Toads and Informers: How the British Treated their Collaborators during the Cyprus Emergency, 1955–9
vol. 39 (1): 71-88
Irregular Auxiliaries after 1945
vol. 39 (1): 14-29
The suppression of the Congo rebellions and the rise of Mobutu, 1963–5
vol. 39 (1): 107-125
Reprisal Violence and the Harkis in French Algeria, 1962
vol. 39 (1): 89-106
vol. 39 (1): 165-166
Making the Loyalist Bargain: Surrender, Amnesty and Impunity in Kenya's Decolonization, 1952–63
vol. 39 (1): 48-70
Allies at the End of Empire—Loyalists, Nationalists and the Cold War, 1945–76
vol. 39 (1): 1-13
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