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Women's History Review

Risky or Relaxing? Exercise during Pregnancy in Britain, c.1930–1960
vol. 24 (5): 739-756
The Spectre of the ‘Man-Woman Athlete’: Mark Weston, Zdenek Koubek, the 1936 Olympics and the uncertainty of sex
vol. 24 (5): 721-738
A Free-Spirited Woman: the London diaries of Gladys Langford, 1936–1940; PATRICIA MALCOLMSON & ROBERT MALCOLMSON (Eds)
vol. 24 (5): 835-837
Forum: Women in Sport
vol. 24 (5): 655-661
‘How the Modern Girl Attains Strength and Grace’: the Girl's Own Paper, sport and the discipline of the female body, 1914–1956
vol. 24 (5): 662-680
Women and the Reinvention of the Political: feminism in Italy, 1968–1983; MAUD BRACKE
vol. 24 (5): 838-840
British Pirates and Society, 1680–1730; MARGARETTE LINCOLN
vol. 24 (5): 840-842
Gendered Resistance: women, slavery, and the legacy of Margaret Garner; MARY E. FREDERICKSON & DELORES M. WALTERS (Eds); Fannie Barrier Williams: crossing the borders of region and race; WANDA A. HENDRICKS
vol. 24 (4): 637-639
Buying into the Regime: grapes and consumption in Cold War Chile and the United States; HEIDI TINSMAN
vol. 24 (4): 625-627
The Smile Revolution in Eighteenth Century Paris; COLIN JONES
vol. 24 (4): 641-643
French Women and the Empire. The Case of Indochina; MARIE-PAULE HA
vol. 24 (4): 639-641
The Scottish People 1490–1625; MAUREEN M. MEIKLE
vol. 24 (4): 631-633
The Correspondence of Sarah Helen Whitman and Julia Deane Freeman: writer to writer, woman to woman; CATHERINE KUNCE (Ed.)
vol. 24 (4): 635-637
Making Women's Histories: beyond national perspectives; PAMELA S. NADELL & KATE HAULMAN (Eds)
vol. 24 (4): 621-623
Elinor Glyn as Novelist, Moviemaker, Glamour Icon and Businesswoman; V. BARNETT & A. WEEDON
vol. 24 (4): 629-631
Fires on the Border: the passionate politics of labor organizing on the Mexican frontera; ROSEMARY HENNESSY
vol. 24 (4): 623-625
The Story of Pain: from prayer to painkillers; JOANNA BOURKE
vol. 24 (4): 633-635
Poor Maternity: Clare of Assisi's letters to Agnes of Prague
vol. 24 (4): 490-501
Nursing and Midwifery in Britain since 1700; ANNE BORSAY & BILLIE HUNTER (Eds)
vol. 24 (4): 647-648
In the Thick of the Fight: the writing of Emily Wilding Davison, militant suffragette; CAROLYN P. COLLETTE
vol. 24 (4): 649-651
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