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American Communist History

The Dennis case, communist Bail Jumpers and Oliver Ellsworth's “outlawry” bill
vol. 14 (2): 105-133
A Dark Page in American History: Dalton Trumbo and the Hollywood Blacklist
vol. 14 (2): 205-218
DEATH IN THE ADIRONDACKS: Amtorg, Intrigue, and the Dubious Demise of Isaiya Khurgin and Efraim Sklyansky, August 1925 c 2015
vol. 14 (2): 135-158
United States Communist History Bibliography, 2013–2014
vol. 14 (2): 159-203
The Communist International and US Communism, 1919–1929, by JACOB A. ZUMOFF
A Glede Amidst the Ashes/American Relief Aid and the Spanish Civil War, by ERIC R. SMITH, 2013

American Nineteenth Century History

Nation Builder: John Quincy Adams and the Grand Strategy of the Republic
vol. 16 (2): 215-216
“The true principles of government”: William Henry Harrison and the Whig counter-revolution
vol. 16 (2): 129-157
“Charcoal scribblings of the most rascally character”: conflict, identity, and testimony in American Civil War graffiti
vol. 16 (2): 111-127
Liberty and Liberticide: The Role of America in Nineteenth-Century British Radicalism
vol. 16 (2): 226-228
World's Fairs in a Southern Accent: Atlanta, Nashville, and Charleston, 1895–1902
vol. 16 (2): 238-239
After Slavery: Race, Labor, and Citizenship in the Reconstruction South
vol. 16 (2): 234-236
Gendered Resistance: Women, Slavery, and the Legacy of Margaret Garner
vol. 16 (2): 223-226
Being American in Europe, 1750–1850
vol. 16 (2): 213-215
Memories of War: Visiting Battlegrounds and Bonefields in the Early American Republic
vol. 16 (2): 218-220
From abolitionists to fundamentalists: the transformation of the Wesleyan Methodists in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
vol. 16 (2): 159-191
The Market Preparation of Carolina Rice: An Illustrated History of Innovations in the Lowcountry Rice Kingdom
vol. 16 (2): 216-218
True Yankees: The South Seas and the Discovery of American Identity
vol. 16 (2): 220-222
Sex, Sickness, and Slavery: Illness in the Antebellum South
vol. 16 (2): 222-223
The Green and the Gray: The Irish in the Confederate States of America
vol. 16 (2): 232-234
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