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African Historical Review

A Respectable Age
vol. 47 (1): 1-15
‘A Bad Lot’: Local Politics and the Survey of Oxkraal and Kamastone, 1853-1923
vol. 47 (1): 16-47
Re-thinking agricultural development in South Africa: Black commercial farmers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
vol. 47 (1): 48-75
Establishing insurance markets in settler economies. a comparison of Australian and South Africa insurance markets, 1820-1910
vol. 47 (1): 76-105
Theophilus Shepstone and the Forging of Natal: African Autonomy and Settler Colonialism in the Making of Traditional Authority
vol. 47 (1): 106-109
A School of Struggle: Durban's Medical School and the Education of Black Doctors in South Africa
vol. 47 (1): 110-113
Mission Station Christianity: Norwegian Missionaries in Colonial Natal and Zululand, Southern Africa 1850-1890
vol. 47 (1): 114-117
The Hidden Thread: Russia and South Africa in the Soviet Era
vol. 47 (1): 118-120
A World of Their Own: A History of South African Women's Education
vol. 47 (1): 121-124
Migrant Women of Johannesburg: Life in an In-between City
vol. 47 (1): 125-127
The Wind of Change. Harold Macmillan and British Decolonization
vol. 47 (1): 128-131
Forged in Battle: The Birth and Growth of 32 Battalion from Former Enemies and Terrorists into Decorated Soldiers
vol. 47 (1): 132-134

Al Masaq Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean

Medieval Diglossia: The Diversity of the Latin Christian Encounter with Written and Spoken Arabic in the “Crusader” County of Tripoli , with a Hitherto Unpublished Arabic Note from the Principality of Antioch (MS, AOM 3, Valletta: National Library of Malt
Kevin James Lewis, vol. 27 (2): 119-152
The Saljuq Turks’ Conversion to Islam: The Crusading Sources
Nicholas Morton, vol. 27 (2): 109-118
Staying Roman: Conquest and Identity in Africa and the Mediterranean, 439-700
Jamie Wood, vol. 27 (2): 172-174
Christian Identity amid Islam in Medieval Spain
Brian A. Catlos, vol. 27 (2): 185-187
Aisha's Cushion: Religious Art, Perception, and Practice in Islam
Ann Chamberlin, vol. 27 (2): 174-175
The Almohad Revolution: Politics and Religion in the Islamic West during the Twelfth-Thirteenth Centuries
Sabahat Adil, vol. 27 (2): 176-177
Medieval Amalfi and its Diaspora 800–1250
Christopher Heath, vol. 27 (2): 183-185
To Follow in Their Footsteps: The Crusades and Family Memory in the High Middle Ages
Bettina Koch, vol. 27 (2): 181-183
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