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African Historical Review

The impossible concept: Settler liberalism, Pan-Africanism, and the language of non-racialism
vol. 47 (2): 1-36
Mothering the ‘nation’: The public life of isie ‘Ouma’ Smuts, 1899-1945
vol. 47 (2): 37-57
‘We have finished them’: Ritual killing and war-doctoring in Kwazulu-Natal during the 1980s and 1990s
vol. 47 (2): 58-84
The migratory dimension of Scottish Presbyterianism in Southern Africa
vol. 47 (2): 85-114
History made human: Confronting the unpalatable past through biographical writing in post- apartheid South Africa
vol. 47 (2): 115-131
The following piece is based on an interview, conducted by Arianna Lissoni, with author Sylvia Neame on the occasion of the launch of her book, The Congress Movement: The Unfolding of the Congress Alliance, 1912–1961, vols 1-3 (Cape Town, HSRC Press, 2015
vol. 47 (2): 132-152
Developing Africa: Concepts and practices in twentieth-century colonialism
vol. 47 (2): 153-155
The hidden thread: Russia and South Africa in the Soviet era
vol. 47 (2): 156-160
Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto: A history of medical care 1941-1990
vol. 47 (2): 161-164
South Africa: Inventing the nation
vol. 47 (2): 165-167
Remaking the ANC: Party change in South Africa and the Global South
vol. 47 (2): 168-170
The South Africa Reader: History, culture, politics
vol. 47 (2): 171-172
Winelands, wealth and work: Transformations in the Dwars River Valley, Stellenbosch
vol. 47 (2): 173-175
Armed and dangerous: From undercover struggle to freedom
vol. 47 (2): 176-179
A long way home: Migrant worker worlds, 1800-2014
vol. 47 (2): 180-182

Al Masaq Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean

The Castle and Lordship of Ḥārim and the Frankish-Muslim Frontier of Northern Syria in the Twelfth Century
Andrew D. Buck, vol. 28 (2): 113-131
Communities, Cultures and Conflict in Southern Italy, from the Byzantines to the Angevins
Graham A. Loud, vol. 28 (2): 132-152
Rumours of Wars and Deeds of Emperors: Circulation of News and “Stories” about Non-Venetians in Early Medieval Venice
Luigi Andrea Berto, vol. 28 (2): 153-170
“None of the Kings on Earth is Their Equal in ʿaṣabiyya”: The Mongols in Ibn Khaldūn's Works
Josephine van den Bent, vol. 28 (2): 171-186
Venetian Merchants in Thirteenth-Century Alexandria and the Sultans of Egypt: an Analysis of Treaties, Privileges and Intercultural Relations
Pierre Moukarzel, vol. 28 (2): 187-205
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