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Al Masaq Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean

Alliances and Treaties between Frankish and Muslim Rulers in the Middle East: Cross-Cultural Diplomacy in the Period of the Crusades
K. Scott Parker, vol. 28 (1): 97-99
The Career and Writings of Demetrius Kydones: A study of Fourteenth-Century Byzantine Politics, Religion and Society
Marcus Plested, vol. 28 (1): 99-101
Narratives of Tampering in the Earliest Commentaries on the Qurʾān
Walid A. Saleh, vol. 28 (1): 101-104
Trading with the Ottomans: The Levant Company in the Middle East
Michael Talbot, vol. 28 (1): 104-107
Water for the City, Fountains for the People: Monumental Fountains in the Roman East
Javier Martínez Jiménez, vol. 28 (1): 107-109
Between Cultural Diversity and Common Heritage: Legal and Religious Perspectives on the Sacred Places of the Mediterranean
Shraga Bar-On, vol. 28 (1): 109-110
Vikings in the South: Voyages to Iberia and the Mediterranean
Jamie Wood, vol. 28 (1): 110-111

American Communist History

A Glede Amidst the Ashes/American Relief Aid and the Spanish Civil War, by ERIC R. SMITH
vol. 15 (2): 253-255
The Scientific Manager and the FBI: The Surveillance of Walter Polakov in the 1940s
vol. 15 (1): 35-57
“Activists, writers, and expansive ideas about peace in the early Cold War years”: a roundtable discussion at the annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians, 17 April 2015, St. Louis, Missouri
vol. 15 (1): 1-34
“You seem just Consumed by Patrioitism, Mr. Isaacs”: The Ohio Un-American Activities Commission (OUAC) Clashes with Communists in the Cold War Fifties
vol. 15 (1): 59-86
The Sea Shelter Program: The Communist Party, the New Deal, and Seamen's Relief
vol. 15 (1): 87-102
United States Communist History Bibliography 2015
vol. 15 (1): 103-161
Willful Blindness
vol. 15 (1): 163-175

American Nineteenth Century History

“We knew no North, no South”: U.S.–Mexican War Veterans and the Construction of Public Memory in the Post-Civil War United States, 1874–1897
vol. 17 (1): 1-22
“The ideal home of the South”: The Robert E. Lee Camp Confederate soldiers' home and the institutionalization of Confederate veterans in Virginia
vol. 17 (1): 23-41
Heir to the Empire City: New York and the making of Theodore Roosevelt
vol. 17 (1): 124-126
Forging African American Minds: Black Pragmatism, “intelligent labor,” and a new look at industrial education, 1879–1900
vol. 17 (1): 43-73
The Enigmatic South: Toward Civil War and its Legacies
vol. 17 (1): 119-121
Through the Heart of Dixie: Sherman’s March and American Memory
vol. 17 (1): 116-118
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