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Al Masaq Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean

Inquisition in Early Islam: The Competition for Political and Religious Authority in the Abbasid Empire
Nicholas Morton, vol. 26 (3): 333-335


“Just as the Structural Formula Does”: Names, Diagrams, and the Structure of Organic Chemistry at the 1892 Geneva Nomenclature Congress
Evan Hepler-Smith, vol. 62 (1): 1-28
Daniel Sennert, The Philosophical Hen, and The Epistolary Quest for a (Nearly-)Universal Medicine
Joel A. Klein, vol. 62 (1): 29-49
Letters from China: A History of the Origins of the Chemical Analysis of Ceramics
A. M. Pollard, vol. 62 (1): 50-71
Making War Work for Industry: The United Alkali Company's Central Laboratory During World War One
Peter Reed, vol. 62 (1): 72-93
Revisiting Colour History
Agustí Nieto-Galan, vol. 62 (1): 94-97
William H. Brock, vol. 62 (1): 98-106
Mercury and Sulphur among the High Medieval Alchemists: From Rāzī and Avicenna to Albertus Magnus and Pseudo-Roger Bacon
William R. Newman, vol. 62 (1): 107-107

American Communist History

vol. 13 (2-3): 83-84
Reflections of a Neo-Liberal: An Interview with John Haynes
vol. 13 (2-3): 85-152
James Burnham, Sidney Hook, and the Search for Intellectual Truth: From Communism to the Cold War, 1933–1956
vol. 13 (2-3): 153-177
Alice Neel: American Communist Artist
vol. 13 (2-3): 179-188
Red Unionism During the Depression and Under McCarthyism: Reflections on Mine-Mill, the Workers Unity League, and the Minneapolis Teamsters
vol. 13 (2-3): 189-198
A Review of “Red Apple: Communism and McCarthyism in Cold War New York”, by Phillip Deery
vol. 13 (2-3): 199-201
A Review of “American Night: The Literary Left in the Era of the Cold War”, by Alan M. Wald
vol. 13 (2-3): 202-204
A Review of “Subversives: The FBI's War on Student Radicals, and Reagan's Rise to Power”, by Seth Rosenfeld
vol. 13 (2-3): 204-206
A Review of “Reading Places, Literacy, Democracy, and the Public Library in Cold War America”, by Christine Pawley
vol. 13 (2-3): 207-209
A Review of “Confronting America: The Cold War Between the United States and the Communists in France and Italy”, by Alessandro Brogi
vol. 13 (2-3): 209-211
Raising the Workers’ Flag: The Workers’ Unity League of Canada, 1930-1936
vol. 13 (2-3): 211-213
Letter to the Editor
vol. 13 (2-3): 215-216
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