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Archives of Natural History

Wolfgang Helmgard von Hohberg (1612–1688) and John Woodward (1665–1728): first records of using arsenic and mercury for the preservation of natural history collections
vol. 44 (1): 173-176
Robert Henry Fernando Rippon: some additional biographical notes
vol. 44 (1): 176-178
HAMLIN, Kimberly A. From Eve to evolution: Darwin, science, and women's rights in gilded age America
vol. 44 (1): 179-180
KÖLBL-EBERT, Martina. From local patriotism to planetary perspective: impact crater research in Germany, 1930s–1970s
vol. 44 (1): 180-181
SMITH, Justin E. H. Nature, human nature, and human difference: race in early modern philosophy
vol. 44 (1): 181-181
DAMODARAN, Vinita, WINTERBOTTOM, Anna, and LESTER, Alan (editors). The East India Company and the natural world
vol. 44 (1): 182-183
WULF, Andrea. The invention of nature: the adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the lost hero of science
vol. 44 (1): 183-184
MARISS, Anne. “A world of new things” Praktiken der Naturgeschichte bei Johann Reinhold Forster
vol. 44 (1): 184-185
ASSELIN, Alain, CAYOUETTE, Jacques, MATHIEU, Jacques. Curieuses histoires de plantes du Canada
vol. 44 (1): 185-186
GIBSON, Susannah. Animal, vegetable, mineral? How eighteenth-century science disrupted the natural order
vol. 44 (1): 186-187
HENDERSON, Paul. James Sowerby: the Enlightenment's natural historian
vol. 44 (1): 187-188
CHAMBERS, Neil. Endeavouring Banks: exploring collections from the Endeavour voyage 1768–1771
vol. 44 (1): 188-189
LACK, Hans Walter. The Bauers: Joseph, Franz & Ferdinand, masters of botanical illustration. An illustrated biography
vol. 44 (1): 189-190
GRIGSON, Caroline. Menagerie: The history of exotic animals in England 1100–1837
vol. 44 (1): 190-191
MÉTAILIÉ, Georges. Science and civilisation in China
vol. 44 (1): 191-191
CONNIFF, Richard. House of lost worlds: dinosaurs, dynasties, and the story of life on Earth
vol. 44 (1): 192-192
HANCOCK, E. Geoffrey, PEARCE, Nick and CAMPBELL, Mungo (editors). William Hunter's world: the art and science of eighteenth-century collecting
vol. 44 (1): 192-193
Back matter
vol. 44 (1): -
The Dupont family: collectors, dealers and naturalists in nineteenth-century Paris
vol. 43 (2): 191-207
Annotations in copies of Thomas Johnson's Mercurius botanicus (1634) and Mercurii botanici, pars altera (1641): authorship and provenance
vol. 43 (2): 208-220
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