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English Historical Review

Priest, Politician, Collaborator: Jozef Tiso and the Making of Fascist Slovakia, by James Mace Ward
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The Making of the Modern Refugee, by Peter Gatrell
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Die politische Rolle des FDGB-Feriendienstes in der DDR: Sozialtourismus im SED-Staat, by Thomas Schaufuss
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The Great Powers and the International System: Systemic Theory in Empirical Perspective, by Bear F. Braumoeller
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The Author's Hand and the Printer's Mind, by Roger Chartier, tr. Lydia G. Cochrane
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Erratum in the August Number, 2014
vol. 130 (542): 262-262

European History Quarterly

Violence in Late Socialist Public Spheres
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The Hidden Violence of Totalitarianism: Policing Soviet Society in Lithuania
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Worker Youth and Everyday Violence in the Post-Stalin Soviet Union
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Violence against the Antiwar Demonstrations of 1965-1968 in Yugoslavia: Political Balancing between East and West
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Containing Conflict and Enforcing Consent in Titoist Yugoslavia: The 1970 Dockworkers' Strike in Koper (Slovenia)
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Order, Reputation and Narrative: Forms of State Violence in Late Socialist Macedonia
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Krawall in der Zionskirche: Skinhead Violence and Political Legitimacy in the GDR
Hayton, J., vol. 45 (2): 336-356
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