Bibliographic update January 2018: All

English Historical Review

Rethinking British Romantic History 1770–1845, ed. Porscha Fermanis and John Regan
Frederick Barbarossa: The Prince and the Myth, by John B. Freed
Medieval Chivalry, by Richard W. Kaeuper
The Cartulary of St Leonard’s Hospital, York: Rawlinson Volume, ed. David X. Carpenter
Wingfield College and its Patrons: Piety and Prestige in Medieval Suffolk, ed. Peter Bloore and Edward Martin
Italian Renaissance Humanism in the Mirror, by Patrick Baker
John Skelton: The Career of an Early Tudor Poet, by John Scattergood

European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire

Institutionalizing the democratic party-state: political parties as ‘public utilities’ in Italy and West Germany, 1945–75
vol. 25 (1): 101-120
Stalin’s humanitarian government: class, child homelessness and state security in a historical perspective (1930s–40s)
vol. 25 (1): 121-146
Police–public relations in transition in Antwerp, 1840s–1914
vol. 25 (1): 147-165
Amerikanische Revolution und niederländische Finanzanleihen 1776–1782: Die Rolle John Adams’ und der Amsterdamer Finanzhäuser bei der diplomatischen Anerkennung der USA
vol. 25 (1): 187-189
Rationed life: science, everyday life, and working-class politics in the Bohemian lands, 1914–1918
vol. 25 (1): 189-190
The handbook of religions in ancient Europe: European history of religions
vol. 25 (1): 190-192
Of peasants and settlers: ideals of Portugueseness, imperial nationalism and European settlement in Africa, c.1930–c.1945
vol. 25 (1): 166-186
The art of link-making in global labour history: subaltern, feminist and Eastern European contributions
vol. 25 (1): 1-20
Professionals’ and amateurs’ pasts: a decolonizing reading of post-war Romanian histories of gendered interwar activism
vol. 25 (1): 21-44
The periphery revisited: Polish post-war historiography on the working class and the new global labour history
vol. 25 (1): 45-60
From Cold War battleground to a footnote to history? Labour history in divided and unified Germany
vol. 25 (1): 61-78
The agrarian working class put somewhat centre stage: an often neglected group of workers in the historiography of labour in state-socialist Hungary
vol. 25 (1): 79-100
The European Review of History 2017 Translation Prize Announcement
vol. 25 (1): 193-193
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