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Contemporary British History

The New Leisure, Voluntarism and Social Reconstruction in Inter-War Britain
Remaking Working-Class Community: Sociability, Belonging and ‘Affluence’ in a Small Town, 1930–80
History as Expertise and the Influence of Political Culture on Advice for Policy Since Fulton
vol. 28 (4): 373-373
‘Causes That Were Lost’? Fifty Years of E. P. Thompson's The Making of the English Working Class as Contemporary History
vol. 28 (4): 374-381
Paradox and Polemic; Argument and Awkwardness: Reflections on E. P. Thompson
vol. 28 (4): 382-403
E. P. Thompson's Concept of Class Formation and its Political Implications: Echoes of Popular Front Radicalism in The Making of the English Working Class
vol. 28 (4): 404-421
E. P. Thompson and the Cultural Politics of Literary Modernism
vol. 28 (4): 422-437
Edward Thompson's Ethics and Activism 1956–1963: Reflections on the Political Formation of The Making of the English Working Class
vol. 28 (4): 438-456
As Everlasting Yea, a No: Agency, Necessity and The Making of the English Working Class
vol. 28 (4): 457-476
The Making of the Global Working Class in Contemporary History
vol. 28 (4): 477-493
‘A Traditional English (Not British) Country Gentleman of the Radical Left’: Understanding the Making and Unmaking of Edward Thompson's English Idiom
vol. 28 (4): 494-516
Creativities in Contexts: E. P. Thompson's The Making of the English Working Class
vol. 28 (4): 517-533

Cultural History

In Defence of Holy Days: The Peasantry's Opposition to the Reduction of Holy Days in Early Modern Sweden
vol. 3 (2): 103-125
Dreams in Cultural History: Dream Narratives and the History of Subjectivity
vol. 3 (2): 126-147
Bracelets are for Hard Times: Economic Hardship, Sentimentality and the Andalusi Hebrew Poetess
vol. 3 (2): 148-169
A Polite Foucault? Eighteenth-Century Politeness as a Disciplinary System and Practice of the Self
vol. 3 (2): 170-189
Meditating on Materiality; Renata Ago, Gusto for Things: A History of Objects in Seventeenth-Century Rome, trans. Bradford Bouley and Corey Tazzara with Paula Findlen (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013).; Paula Findlen (ed.), Early Modern Thing
vol. 3 (2): 190-197
Øyvind Vågnes, Zaprudered: The Kennedy Assassination Film in Visual Culture (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2011).
vol. 3 (2): 198-199
Cindy Ott, Pumpkin: The Curious History of an American Icon (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2012).
vol. 3 (2): 200-201
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