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European History Quarterly

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European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire

Famine responses in the world food crisis 1972–5 and the World Food Conference of 1974
vol. 22 (6): 929-939
Famine and the changing role of NGOs: an Irish perspective
vol. 22 (6): 963-970
Coping with famine in Communist China (1949–62)
vol. 22 (6): 917-928
Lessons in contempt: Poul Raeff's translation and publication in 1516 of Johannes Pfefferkorn's The Confession of the Jews
vol. 22 (6): 977l-978
In light of another's word: European ethnography in the Middle Ages
vol. 22 (6): 978-979
Practising the British way of famine: technologies of relief, 1770–1985
vol. 22 (6): 860-872
Decentring international and institutional famine relief in late nineteenth-century China: in search of the local
vol. 22 (6): 873-889
A pact with Vichy: Angelo Tasca from Italian Socialism to French Collaboration
vol. 22 (6): 975-976
Affamer les prisonniers de guerre: entre mythes et réalités, 1914–54
vol. 22 (6): 890-899
L’enfance comme figure compassionnelle: étude transversale de l’iconographie de la famine aux dix-neuvième et vingtième siècles
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National identity and the agrarian republic: the transatlantic commerce of ideas between America and France, 1750–1830
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Fleeting cities: imperial expositions in fin-de-siècle Europe
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Choosing terror: virtue, friendship and authenticity in the French Revolution
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Déni, connaissance, responsabilité: le régime stalinien et la grande famine ukrainienne de 1932–3
vol. 22 (6): 900-916
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