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East European Jewish Affairs

Georg Knepler: Musikwissenschaftler und marxistischer Denker aus Wien
Lars Fischer, vol. 45 (1): 142-145
Brendan McGeever, vol. 45 (1): 146-149
The Bukharan-Jewish Museum in Samarkand: Memory Preservation of a Rapidly-Diminishing Community
Torahs, Tanks, and Tech: Moscow's Jewish Museum
Benjamin Nathans, ONLINE EARLY
Romania and Its Jewish Museums
Dan-Ionuţ Julean, ONLINE EARLY
“Galicia Jewish Museum. Re-defining the role of the Jewish museum in a post-communist Poland”
Jakub Nowakowski, ONLINE EARLY

Economic History Review

Review of periodical literature on continental Europe from 1700 published in 2013
Eric Schneider, Matthias Morys, Markus Lampe, Kerstin Enflo, ONLINE EARLY
Counter-intelligence in a command economy
Mark Harrison, Inga Zaksauskienė, ONLINE EARLY
Commerce, clusters, and community: a re-evaluation of the occupational geography of London, c. 1400–c. 1550
Justin Colson, ONLINE EARLY
Energy consumption in England and Italy, 1560–1913. Two pathways toward energy transition
Paolo Malanima, ONLINE EARLY
A colonial legacy of African gender inequality? Evidence from Christian Kampala, 1895–2011
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Occupational structure in the Czech lands under the second serfdom
Alexander Klein, Sheilagh Ogilvie, ONLINE EARLY
How important were formalized charity and social spending before the rise of the welfare state? A long-run analysis of selected western European cases, 1400–1850
Bas Bavel, Auke Rijpma, ONLINE EARLY
What happened to regional inequality in Britain in the twentieth century?
Frank Geary, Tom Stark, ONLINE EARLY
International competition in the first wave of globalization: new evidence on the margins of trade
Concepción Betrán, Michael Huberman, ONLINE EARLY
Urban inoculation and the decline of smallpox mortality in eighteenth-century cities—a reply to Razzell
Romola J. Davenport, Jeremy Boulton, Leonard Schwarz, ONLINE EARLY
Wedding trousseaus and cloth consumption in Catalonia around 1300
Lluís To Figueras, ONLINE EARLY
Theft under Stalin: a property rights analysis
Yoram Gorlizki, ONLINE EARLY
Location, location, location? Analysing property rents in medieval Gloucester
Catherine Casson, Mark Casson, ONLINE EARLY
Wages, prices, and technology in early Catalan industrialization
Julio Martínez-Galarraga, Marc Prat, ONLINE EARLY
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