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East European Jewish Affairs

“Peaceful coexistence?” Jewish and Muslim neighbors on the eve of the Holocaust
Holly Robertson Huffnagle, ONLINE EARLY
How to house a child: providing homes for Jewish children in interwar Poland
Ritual slaughter and animal welfare in interwar Poland
Is Seeing Believing? Photographs, Eyewitness Testimony, and Evidence of the Holocaust
David Shneer, ONLINE EARLY
Jewish Poland Revisited: Heritage Tourism in Unquiet Places: Klezmer's Afterlife: An Ethnography of the Jewish Music Revival in Poland and Germany
Sarah Zarrow, ONLINE EARLY
East European Jewish Affairs: new borders and boundaries
David Shneer, vol. 44 (2-3): 151-153
East European Jewish migration: inside and outside
Jonathan Dekel-Chen, vol. 44 (2-3): 154-170
The interrupted chain: traditional receiver countries, migration regimes, and the East European Jewish diaspora, 1918–39
Eli Lederhendler, vol. 44 (2-3): 171-186
Global walls and global movement: new destinations in Jewish migration, 1918–1939
Frank Wolff, vol. 44 (2-3): 187-204
Thinking with restriction: immigration restriction and Polish Jewish accounts of the post-liberal state, empire, race, and political reason 1926–39
Kenneth B. Moss, vol. 44 (2-3): 205-224
Communities on the move: reconsidering the history of East European Jews after the Holocaust from a landsmanshaftn perspective
Anna Lipphardt, vol. 44 (2-3): 225-240
One doesn't make out much with furs in Palestine: the migration of Jewish displaced persons, 1945–7
Jeffrey Veidlinger, vol. 44 (2-3): 241-252
Between marginal and transnational: post-Soviet immigration in Hebrew literature
Rafi Tsirkin-Sadan, vol. 44 (2-3): 253-268
Governments-in-Exile and the Jews during the Second World War
David Engel, vol. 44 (2-3): 269-270
Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland
John-Paul Himka, vol. 44 (2-3): 271-273
Nathan Birnbaum and Jewish Modernity: Architect of Zionism, Yiddishism, and Orthodoxy
Daniel Mahla, vol. 44 (2-3): 273-276
Simon Dubnow's “New Judaism”: Diaspora Nationalism and the World History of the Jews
Joshua Shanes, vol. 44 (2-3): 276-278
The House at Ujazdowskie 16. Jewish Families in Warsaw after the Holocaust
David Kowalski, vol. 44 (2-3): 279-281
The Jews in Poland and Russia, Volume 3: 1914 to 2008
Jannis Panagiotidis, vol. 44 (2-3): 281-283
Return of the Jew: Identity Narratives of the Third Post-Holocaust Generation of Jews in Poland
Jannis Panagiotidis, vol. 44 (2-3): 284-285
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