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European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire

Cent ans d'histoire des outre-mers: SFHOM, 1912–2012
vol. 22 (3): 525-526
Growing up in the shadow of the Second World War: European perspectives
vol. 22 (2): 199-220
Children of Dutch Nazi collaborators
vol. 22 (2): 221-241
Mothers and children in post-war Europe: martyrdom and national reconstruction in Italy and Poland
vol. 22 (2): 242-258
‘Dead dads’: memory narratives of war-related fatherlessness in Germany
vol. 22 (2): 259-276
Soviet children of occupation in Austria: The historical, political and social background and its consequences
vol. 22 (2): 277-291
Child migrants and deportees from Poland and Ukraine after the Second World War: experience and memory
vol. 22 (2): 292-309
‘Musicking’ children from the Bohemian lands: nurtured and hidden musical practices on both sides of the Iron Curtain
vol. 22 (2): 310-330
Les orphelins de la Shoah en France et en Belgique: sauvetage et reconstruction
vol. 22 (2): 331-347
Accepting Jewish roots for a pair of shoes: identity dilemmas of Jewish children in Poland during the Second World War and in the early post-war years
vol. 22 (2): 348-367
Child forced labour: an analysis of ego documents throughout time
vol. 22 (2): 368-388
‘And now imagine her or him as a slave, a pitiful slave with no rights’: child forced labourers in the culture of remembrance of the USSR and post-Soviet Ukraine
vol. 22 (2): 389-410


Introduction: Genre as Form-of-Life
Ingrid Nelson, vol. 27 (1-2): 3-17
Reading for the End: Prescriptive Writing and the Practice of Genre
Jennifer Jahner, vol. 27 (1-2): 18-34
Mirror, Mirror: Princely Hermeneutics, Practical Constitutionalism, and the Genres of the English Fürstenspiegel
Matthew Giancarlo, vol. 27 (1-2): 35-54
The Proverb as Embedded Microgenre in Chaucer and The Dialogue of Solomon and Marcolf
Nancy Mason Bradbury, vol. 27 (1-2): 55-72
Compendious Genres: Higden, Trevisa, and the Medieval Encyclopedia
Emily Steiner, vol. 27 (1-2): 73-92
Towards a Material Allegory: Allegory and Urban Space in Hoccleve, Langland, and Gower
Ethan Knapp, vol. 27 (1-2): 93-109
Genus and Genre: The Old French Verse Roman d’Alexandre, Alexander and Dindimus, and MS Bodl. 264
Jane Gilbert, vol. 27 (1-2): 110-128
Dance in a Haunted Space: Genre, Form, and the Middle English Carol
Seeta Chaganti, vol. 27 (1-2): 129-149
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