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English Historical Review

Worth Saving: Disabled Children during the Second World War, by Sue Wheatcroft
Long, V., vol. 131 (548): 239-240
Zwischen Sympathie und Eigennutz: NS-Propaganda und die türkische Presse im Zweiten Weltkrieg, by Berna Pekesen
Stone, N., vol. 131 (548): 240-242
Hitlers Scandinavian Legacy, ed. John Gilmour and Jill Stephenson
Newby, A. G., vol. 131 (548): 242-244
The Perils of Peace: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany, by Jessica Reinisch
Kater, M. H., vol. 131 (548): 244-245
Lionel Robbins, by Susan Howson
Jackson, B., vol. 131 (548): 246-247
The Ideological Origins of the Dirty War: Fascism, Populism and Dictatorship in Twentieth Century Argentina, by Federico Finchelstein
Lewis, C. M., vol. 131 (548): 247-249
Goodbye To All That? The Story of Europe since 1945, by Dan Stone
Nehring, H., vol. 131 (548): 249-251
Other Publications
vol. 131 (548): 252-259

European History Quarterly

Archival Transformations in Early Modern European History
de Vivo, F., Guidi, A., Silvestri, A., vol. 46 (3): 421-434
Archives of the Mediterranean: Governance and Record-Keeping in the Crown of Aragon in the Long Fifteenth Century
Silvestri, A., vol. 46 (3): 435-457
The Florentine Archives in Transition: Government, Warfare and Communication (1289-1530 ca.)
Guidi, A., vol. 46 (3): 458-479
Monastic Records and the Dissolution: A Tudor Revolution in the Archives?
Harding, V., vol. 46 (3): 480-497
Configuring European Archives: Spaces, Materials and Practices in the Differentiation of Repositories from the Late Middle Ages to 1700
Head, R. C., vol. 46 (3): 498-518
Archives of Speech: Recording Diplomatic Negotiation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy
de Vivo, F., vol. 46 (3): 519-544
The New Culture of Archives in Early Modern Spain
Gomez, A. C., vol. 46 (3): 545-567
Being an Archivist in Provincial Enlightened France: The Case of Pierre Camille Le Moine (1723-1800)
Friedrich, M., vol. 46 (3): 568-589
'They Shall Not Keep Their Doors or Windows Open: Urban Space and the Dynamics of Conflict and Contact in Premodern Jewish-Christian Relations
Jütte, D., vol. 46 (2): 209-237
The Italian Risorgimento and Sicilian Popular Balladry: The Problem of 'Deep Images and Popular Reception
Kehoe, B., vol. 46 (2): 238-261
In the Shadow of the Nazi Past: Post-war Reconstruction and the Claims of the Jewish Community in Salonika
Kralova, K., vol. 46 (2): 262-290
The Triumph of 'Normality, Social Attitudes, Popular Opinion and the Construction of the Franco Regime in Post-War Rural Spain (1936-1952)
Hernandez Burgos, C., vol. 46 (2): 291-310
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