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Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust

Yad Layeled at the Ghetto Fighters’ House: A Museum about Children in the Holocaust or a Museum for Children about the Holocaust?
Nadav Heidecker, vol. 30 (3): 274-281
Genocide and Relevance: Current Trends in United States Holocaust Museums
Leah Angell Sievers, vol. 30 (3): 282-295
Subjects of Memory? On Performing Holocaust Memory in Two German Historical Museums
Irit Dekel, vol. 30 (3): 296-314
Poetics of Memory: Aesthetics and Experience of Holocaust Remembrance in Museums
Jennifer Hansen-Glucklich, vol. 30 (3): 315-334

East European Jewish Affairs

Editor's Introduction
Anna Shternshis, vol. 46 (3): 239-240
Introduction to The New Wave of Russian Jewish American Culture
Anna Katsnelson, vol. 46 (3): 241-244
Poetics of place and the transformation of the Russian Jewish American self in Lara Vapnyar’s The Scent of Pine and Yelena Akhtiorskaya’s Panic in a Suitcase
Baruch Beckerman, vol. 46 (3): 245-262
Lena Finkle’s magic arc: hybrid influences in the Russian American graphic novel
Anna Katsnelson, vol. 46 (3): 263-284
Narratives of generationality in 21st-century North American Jewish literature: Krauss, Bezmozgis, Kalman
Karolina Krasuska, vol. 46 (3): 285-310
From anxiety to disidentification: Lara Vapnyar’s Memoirs of a Muse, Irina Reyn’s What Happened to Anna K., and Anya Ulinich’s Lena Finkle’s Magic Barrel
Margarita Levantovskaya, vol. 46 (3): 311-330
The roots of Regina Spektor’s post-Soviet poetics
Jeffrey Taylor, vol. 46 (3): 331-349
Images of transit: the experiential traces of Soviet Jewish emigration
Inga Veksler, vol. 46 (3): 350-368
Panic in a Suitcase
Charles Sabatos, vol. 46 (3): 369-370
Anna Katsnelson interviews Lera Auerbach
Anna Katsnelson, vol. 46 (3): 371-376
Yevgeniya Baras
vol. 46 (3): 377-382
Сан Франциско
Polina Barskova, vol. 46 (3): 383-384
Mark Lipovetsky interviews Polina Barskova
Mark Lipovetsky, vol. 46 (3): 384-386
The Betrayers
Yelena Furman, vol. 46 (3): 387-389
When Soviet Jewish photographers confront the very American question of identity
David Shneer, vol. 46 (3): 390-398
East European Jewish Affairs interviews Alina Bliumis
vol. 46 (3): 398-399
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