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vol. 102 (353): 739-742
KATHRYN DUTTON, vol. 102 (353): 743-751
Political Culture and Medieval Historiography: The Revolt against King Henry II, 1173–1174
MARTIN AURELL, vol. 102 (353): 752-771
‘Ottonians with Pipe Rolls’? Political Culture and Performance in the Kingdom of the English, c.900–c.1050
CHARLES INSLEY, vol. 102 (353): 772-786
Giving and Receiving Counsel: Forging Political Culture in Western French and Anglo-Norman Assemblies
RICHARD E. BARTON, vol. 102 (353): 787-807
Political Discourse at the Court of Henry II and the Making of the New Kingdom of Ireland: The Evidence of John's Title dominus Hibernie
STEPHEN CHURCH, vol. 102 (353): 808-823
Political Culture and the Changing Role of Countesses, 750–1050
RACHEL STONE, vol. 102 (353): 824-839
‘You conquer countless enemies, even as a maiden’: The Conqueror's Daughter and Dynastic Rule at Holy Trinity, Caen
LAURA L. GATHAGAN, vol. 102 (353): 840-857
‘You will dwell with barbarous and uneducated men’: Countess Ermengarde and Political Culture in Twelfth-Century Brittany
AMY LIVINGSTONE, vol. 102 (353): 858-873
Count Hugh of Troyes and the Prestige of Jerusalem
JAMES DOHERTY, vol. 102 (353): 874-888
Reputation, Authority and Masculine Identities in the Political Culture of the First Crusaders: The Career of Arnulf of Chocques
NATASHA HODGSON, vol. 102 (353): 889-913
‘All this I say against the rage of archdeacons against my poor fellow citizens’: Archdeacons’ Authority and Identity in Twelfth-Century England
STEPHEN MARRITT, vol. 102 (353): 914-932
Perceptions of Femininity in Early Irish Society. By Helen Oxenham. Boydell. 2016. xii + 216pp. £60.00.
MARY CONDREN, vol. 102 (352): 672-674
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BRIAN AYERS, vol. 102 (352): 669-672
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MARCO MENON, vol. 102 (352): 668-669
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JOHN MUNRO, vol. 102 (352): 666-667
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JAUME AURELL, vol. 102 (352): 663-665
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TONY SCHWAB, vol. 102 (352): 661-663
The Hidden Origins of Intelligence History: Rehabilitating the ‘Airport Bookstall’
JULES GASPARD, vol. 102 (352): 639-660
Demystified: Mergers and Acquisitions, Oil and Gas, and Ranching on the Southern Great Plains, 1921–1933
MATTHEW DAY, vol. 102 (352): 617-638
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