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First World War Studies

Aftershocks: politics and trauma in Britain, 1918–1931
Dunsterforce or Dunsterfarce? Re-evaluating the British mission to Baku, 1918
‘Without methods’: three female authors visiting the Western Front
Beyond ‘The Bleak and Dismal Shore:’ the wartime and postwar experiences of American Four Minute Men, 1917–1927
vol. 5 (3): 305-318
Serbian and Habsburg Military institutional legacies in Yugoslavia after 1918
vol. 5 (3): 319-335

Folk Life

Tracking Change: Lily-of-the-Valley Custom and Festival in France
Cozette Griffin-Kremer, vol. 53 (1): 1-18
Dreg Songs Lost … and Found
Robert Young Walser, vol. 53 (1): 19-35
The Italian Contribution to Manchester
Anthony Rea, vol. 53 (1): 36-56
Perceptions of Welshness: Tourists’ Impressions of the Material and Traditional Culture of Wales, 1770–1840
Michael Freeman, vol. 53 (1): 57-71
vol. 53 (1): 72-81
Edward Fletcher Cass
Caroline Oates, vol. 53 (1): 82-85
Paddy MacMonagle (1920–2014)
Michael Larkin, vol. 53 (1): 86-88

French History

Origo Consulum: rumours of murder, a crisis of lordship, and the legendary origins of the Counts of Anjou
Paul, N. L., vol. 29 (2): 139-160
'Belle comme le jour': beauty, power and the king's mistress
Adams, C., vol. 29 (2): 161-181
Public celebrations and public joy at the beginning of the French Revolution (1788-91)
Valade, P., vol. 29 (2): 182-203
'Il fut bon pere': the Institut de France, funeral eulogies and the formation of bourgeois identity in early nineteenth-century France
Arnold, J., vol. 29 (2): 204-224
Mingrat: anatomy of a restoration cause celebre
Counter, A. J., vol. 29 (2): 225-246
The First French Reformation: Church Reform and the Origins of the Old Regime
Baumgartner, F. J., vol. 29 (2): 247-248
Rumor, Diplomacy and War in Enlightenment Paris
Seaward, L., vol. 29 (2): 248-249
Let God Arise: The War & Rebellion of the Camisards
Strayer, B. E., vol. 29 (2): 250-251
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