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French History

Tenir boutique a Paris au XVIII siecle: Luxe et demi-luxe
Gayne, M. K., vol. 29 (2): 265-265
National Identity and the Agrarian Republic: The Transatlantic Commerce of Ideas Between America and France 1750-1830
Cheney, P., vol. 29 (2): 266-266
Romantic Catholics: France's Postrevolutionary Generation in Search of a Modern Faith
Kselman, T., vol. 29 (2): 267-267
Impressionist France: Visions of Nation From Le Gray to Monet
Thomas, G. M., vol. 29 (2): 268-268
A Semite. A Memoir of Algeria
House, J., vol. 29 (2): 269-269
France 1940: Defending the Republic
Moore, B., vol. 29 (2): 269-270
SSFH Society News
vol. 29 (2): 271-278

Heritage & Society

From the Editors
Elizabeth S. Chilton, vol. 8 (1): 1-2
Heritage and the Right to the City: When Securing the Past Creates Insecurity in the Present
Michael Herzfeld, vol. 8 (1): 3-23
Beyond “Natural” and “Cultural” Heritage: Toward an Ontological Politics of Heritage in the Age of Anthropocene
Rodney Harrison, vol. 8 (1): 24-42
Ontological Security in a Post-Crash World—A Tale of Two Yorkshire Cities
Jane Grenville, vol. 8 (1): 43-59
Crafting the Past: Mission Models and the Curation of California Heritage
Elizabeth Kryder-Reid, vol. 8 (1): 60-83
Book Reviews
Ethan Carr, vol. 8 (1): 84-94

Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

The Creation of the Nippon Newsreel Company: Personal Rivalry and Profit in Wartime Japan
Preview Screenings and the Spaces of an Emerging Local Cinema Trade in Scotland
‘Are You Proud to Be British?’: Mobile Film Shows, Local Voices and the Demise of the British Empire in Africa
The Dictator as Spectator: Feature Film Screenings before Adolf Hitler, 1933–39
vol. 35 (3): 420-437
The Rise of Market Information Regimes and the Historical Development of Audience Ratings
vol. 35 (3): 511-517
D.W. Griffith’s Foray Into Eastern Europe: A Recuperation of History
vol. 35 (3): 401-419
The MacDonald Discussion Group: A Communist Conspiracy in Britain’s Cold War Film and Theatre Industry—Or MI5’s Honey-Pot?
vol. 35 (3): 454-472
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