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Gender and History

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The Moretti Family: Late Marriage, Bachelorhood and Domestic Authority in Seventeenth-Century Venice
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Fathers at Home: Life Writing and Late-Victorian and Edwardian Plebeian Domestic Masculinities
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The Early Modern German Professor at Home – Masculinity, Bachelorhood and Family Concepts (Sixteenth–Eighteenth Centuries)
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Husbands, Masculinity, Male Work and Household Economy in Eighteenth-Century Italy: The Case of Turin
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Informal Economies and Masculine Hierarchies in Slave Communities of the US South, 1800–65
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The Bureaucrat, the Mulla and the Maverick Intellectual ‘at Home’: Domestic Narratives of Patriarchy, Masculinity and Modernity in Iran, 1880–1980
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Masculine Ways of Being at Home: Hobbies, Do-It-Yourself and Home Improvement in Argentina (1940–70)
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Fathers in 1960s Switzerland: A Silent Revolution?
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Is the Personal Political for Men too? Encounter and Conflict between ‘New Left’ Men and Feminist Movements in 1970s Italy
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“The Ultimate Extension of Gay Community”: Communal Living and Gay Liberation in the 1970s
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vol. 27 (3): 882-885
Erratum to ‘“A Spanish Housewife is Your Next Door Neighbour”: British Women and the Spanish Civil War’
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Heritage & Society

Nara + 20: On Heritage Practices, Cultural Values, and the Concept of Authenticity
vol. 8 (2): 144-147
Nara + 20: Sobre Prácticas Patrimoniales, Culturales y el Concepto de Autenticidad
vol. 8 (2): 148-151
Nara +20: Sur les Pratiques du Patrimoine, les Valeurs Culturelles, et le Concept de L'authenticité
vol. 8 (2): 152-155

Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

Everybody’s Business: Film, Food and Victory in the First World War
vol. 35 (4): 579-595
Fantômas sous les tropiques. Aller au cinéma en Afrique coloniale
vol. 35 (4): 673-674
The Grierson Effect: Tracing Documentary’s International Movement
vol. 35 (4): 674-676
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