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European History Quarterly

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European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire

Politics of place: political representation and the culture of electioneering in the Netherlands, c.1848–1980s
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Political travel across the ‘Iron Curtain’ and Communist youth identities in West Germany and Greece in the 1970s and 1980s
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A regionalisation or long-distance trade? Transformations and shifts in the role of Tana in the Black Sea trade in the first half of the fifteenth century
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Coping with Iberian monopolies: Genoese trade networks and formal institutions in Spain and Portugal during the second half of the eighteenth century
vol. 23 (3): 456-485
The business relations, identities and political resources of Italian merchants in the early-modern Spanish monarchy: some introductory remarks
vol. 23 (3): 335-346
Small but powerful: networking strategies and the trade business of Habsburg-Italian merchants in Cadiz in the second half of the eighteenth century
vol. 23 (3): 427-455
The making of politics and trained intelligence in the Near East: Robert College of Istanbul
vol. 23 (3): 554-571
Looking through the mirrors: materiality and intimacy at Domenico Grillo’s mansion in Baroque Madrid
vol. 23 (3): 400-426
Tuscan merchants in Andalusia: a historiographical debate
vol. 23 (3): 347-366
A Genoese merchant and banker in the Kingdom of Naples: Ottavio Serra and his business network in the Spanish polycentric system, c.1590–1620
vol. 23 (3): 367-399
Political humanitarianism in the 1930s: Indian aid for Republican Spain
vol. 23 (1-2): 63-81
The ‘radical humanism’ of ‘Cap Anamur’ / ‘German Emergency Doctors’ in the 1980s: a turning point for the idea, practice and policy of humanitarian aid
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Improving the use of history by the international humanitarian sector
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The making and breaking of Lithuania: memory and modernity in the wake of war
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A Divided Republic: Nation, State and Citizenship in Contemporary France
vol. 23 (1-2): 281-283
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