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English Historical Review

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The Scottish Question, by James Mitchell
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Notices of Records, Texts and Reference Works, mainly of 2013
vol. 129 (541): 1557-1581

European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire

In the lure of Geistesgeschichte: the theme of decline in Hungarian historiography and historical thinking in the first half of the twentieth century
vol. 22 (3): 411-432
An emerging anti-reform green front? Farm interest groups fighting the ‘Agriculture 1980’ project, 1968–72
vol. 22 (3): 433-450
‘The personal is political’: sexuality, gender and the Left in Europe during the 1970s
vol. 22 (1): 1-15
Red and Purple? Feminism and young Greek Eurocommunists in the 1970s
vol. 22 (1): 16-40
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