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English Historical Review

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The Emergence of Minorities in the Middle East: The Politics of Community in French Mandate Syria, by Benjamin Thomas White
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Cry Havoc: The Arms Race and the Second World War, 1931-41, by Joe Maiolo
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Reassessing the Nuremberg Military Tribunals: Transitional Justice, Trial Narratives and Historiography, ed. Kim C. Priemel and Alexa Stiller
Griech-Polelle, B. A., vol. 130 (547): 1606-1608
Fighting the Mau Mau: The British Army and Counter-Insurgency in the Kenya Emergency, by Huw Bennett * The Indian Army and the End of the Raj, by Daniel Marston
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The Republic of Rock: Music and Citizenship in the Sixties Counterculture, by Michael J. Kramer
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Notices of Records, Texts, and Reference Works, mainly of 2014
vol. 130 (547): 1623-1641
Bede's horologium: Observational Astronomy and the Problem of the Equinoxes in Early Medieval Europe (c.700-1100)
Nothaft, C. P. E., vol. 130 (546): 1079-1101
Medical Practice, Urban Politics and Patronage: The London 'Commonalty' of Physicians and Surgeons of the 1420s
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'Till these Experiments be Made': Senegambia and British Imperial Policy in the Eighteenth Century
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Keynes, Liberalism, and 'The Emancipation of the Mind'
Toye, R., vol. 130 (546): 1162-1191
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