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Australian Economic History Review

British Capital and Merchandise Exports, 1870–1913: The Bilateral Case of New Zealand
Brian D. Varian, ONLINE EARLY
Chinese National Income, ca. 1661–1933
Xu Yi, Zhihong Shi, Bas Leeuwen, Yuping Ni, Zipeng Zhang, Ye Ma, ONLINE EARLY
Issue Information
Sectoral Trends and Shocks in Australia's Economic Growth
Kym Anderson, ONLINE EARLY
Editors' Notes

Australian Historical Studies

War, Colonialism and the Emotions in Australian History
vol. 48 (1): 1-2
The Snub: Robert Menzies and the Melbourne Club
vol. 48 (1): 3-18
The Place of Anzac in Australian Historical Consciousness
vol. 48 (1): 19-34
‘Just Another Start to the Denigration of Anzac Day’: Evolving Commemorations of Australian LGBTI Military Service
vol. 48 (1): 35-51
A Historical Myth? Matthew Flinders and the Quest for a Strait
vol. 48 (1): 52-67
Currency Culture: Australian Identity and Nationalism in New South Wales before the Gold Rushes
vol. 48 (1): 68-85
‘The Last Man Left to Tell the Tale’: Challenging the Conciliation Master Narrative in Van Diemen’s Land
vol. 48 (1): 86-102
The History of Emotions in Australia
vol. 48 (1): 103-114
Patrick Wolfe (1949–2016)
vol. 48 (1): 115-116
Traces of History: Elementary Structures of Race
vol. 48 (1): 117-118
Traces of History: Elementary Structures of Race / The Settler Complex: Recuperating Binarism in Colonial Studies
vol. 48 (1): 118-120
Long History Deep Time: Deepening Histories of Place
vol. 48 (1): 120-121
Southern Anthropology – a History of Fison and Howitt’s Kamilaroi and Kurnai
vol. 48 (1): 121-122
Matthew Flinders, Maritime Explorer of Australia
vol. 48 (1): 122-124
Chasing a Dream: The Exploration of the Imaginary Pacific
vol. 48 (1): 124-125
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