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American Communist History

New Left Studies
Pettis Perry and the “Negro Question”
One World, Big Screen: Hollywood, the Allies, and World War II
Cold War Studies
Defenseless Under the Night: The Roosevelt Years and the Origins of Homeland Security

American Nineteenth Century History

Of a bread-loaf missile: the shaming of Brooklyn’s 13th Regiment of the National Guard during the Spanish–American War
vol. 18 (3): 203-226
A black and white sermon: John Jasper’s capitalization on white exploitation in late nineteenth-century Virginia
vol. 18 (3): 273-293
The Great Physician: mainline Protestant ministers’ expectations of doctors, 1840–1900
vol. 18 (3): 227-243
“The stone in the sling”: Frederick Douglass and Belfast abolitionism
vol. 18 (3): 245-272
Philip Pendleton Barbour in Jacksonian America: An Old Republican in King Andrew’s Court
vol. 18 (3): 295-296
Lincoln in Indiana
vol. 18 (3): 296-298
Expelling the Poor: Atlantic Seaboard States and the Nineteenth-Century Origins of American Immigration Policy
vol. 18 (3): 298-299
Following Father Chiniquy: Immigration, Religious Schism, and Social Change in Nineteenth-Century Illinois
vol. 18 (3): 300-301
To Govern the Devil in Hell: The Political Crisis in Territorial Kansas
vol. 18 (3): 301-303
The Civil War Diary of Gideon Welles, Lincoln’s Secretary of the Navy: The Original Manuscript Edition / A Connecticut Yankee in Lincoln’s Cabinet: Navy Secretary Gideon Welles Chronicles the Civil War
vol. 18 (3): 303-305
With Malice Toward Some: Treason and Loyalty in the Civil War Era
vol. 18 (3): 305-306
The Civilian War: Confederate Women and Union Soldiers during Sherman’s March
vol. 18 (3): 307-308
Patrick Henry Jones: Irish American, Civil War General, and Gilded Age Politician
vol. 18 (3): 308-310
Slaughterhouse: Chicago’s Union Stock Yard and the World It Made
vol. 18 (3): 310-312
Sensational Internationalism: The Paris Commune and the Remapping of American Memory in the Long Nineteenth Century
vol. 18 (3): 312-313
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