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Archives of Natural History

A vile passion for altering names: the contributions of Charles Thorold Wood jun. and Neville Wood to ornithology in the 1830s
vol. 43 (2): 221-236
The first printed Latin editions of Dioscorides's De materia medica (1478, 1512): an inventory-based re-evaluation
vol. 43 (2): 237-254
A history of the fossil fruits and seeds of the London Clay (1840): a historical and bibliographical account of James Scott Bowerbank's unfinished monograph
vol. 43 (2): 255-277
No. 3 Highbury Grove, Islington: the private geological museum of James Scott Bowerbank (1797–1877)
vol. 43 (2): 278-284
A rough draft of A. R. Wallace's “Sarawak law” paper
vol. 43 (2): 285-293
The development of ornithology in Mexico and the importance of access to scientific information
vol. 43 (2): 294-304
Edward Drinker Cope's final feud
vol. 43 (2): 305-320
Jerónimo Lobo SJ and his Discourse of palm-trees in the context of seventeenth-century botany
vol. 43 (2): 321-335
The life and work of Margaret Gatty (1809–1873), with particular reference to her seaweed collections
vol. 43 (2): 336-350
Two long-forgotten engravings of Sowerby's beaked whale (Mesoplodon bidens) from the nineteenth century
vol. 43 (2): 351-354
A Dutch phantom translation of Dioscorides's De materia medica from 1520 and a German translation by a non-Germanic author from 1546
vol. 43 (2): 354-357
“rolls up like Armadillo”: Darwin's forgotten encounters with ceratocanthine beetles (Coleoptera: Hybosoridae)
vol. 43 (2): 357-360
Additional references to “woggin” as a name for penguins
vol. 43 (2): 360-362
JONES, Ryan Tucker. Empire of extinction: Russians and the North Pacific's strange beasts of the sea, 1741–1867
vol. 43 (2): 363-363
COWIE, Helen. Exhibiting animals in nineteenth-century Britain: empathy, education, entertainment; JACKSON, Christine. Menageries in Britain 1100–2000
vol. 43 (2): 364-365
PLUMB, Christopher. The Georgian menagerie: exotic animals in the eighteenth century
vol. 43 (2): 365-366
EATHERLEY, Dan. Bushmaster: Raymond Ditmars and the hunt for the world's largest viper
vol. 43 (2): 366-367
HOPWOOD, Nick. Haeckel's embryos: images, evolution, and fraud
vol. 43 (2): 367-368
NIMITS, Stephen A., TSCHANTZ UNROE, Kathleen and VINCENT, Michael A. (translators). Methodus plantarum nova. John Ray (1682)
vol. 43 (2): 368-369
GREENWOOD, Eric F. Hunting plants: the story of those who discovered the flowering plants and ferns of North Lancashire
vol. 43 (2): 369-370
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