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European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire

L'impérialisme institutionnel et la question de la race chez Aristote

First World War Studies

Centring a sideshow: local experiences of the First World War in Africa
vol. 7 (2): 111-130
Jesus optional: First World War and the shifting institutional identity of the Syrian Protestant College in Beirut
vol. 7 (1): 43-62
Counter-currents: Mzabi independence, pan-Ottomanism and WWI in the Maghrib
vol. 7 (1): 81-96
Drawing Borders in the Middle East after the Great War: Political Geography and ‘Subject Peoples’
vol. 7 (1): 5-21
Peripheries of belonging: military recruitment and the making of a ‘minority’ in wartime Iraq
vol. 7 (1): 23-42
Reading as war effort: the National Home Reading Union during the First World War
vol. 6 (3): 219-238
Civilians in the combat zone: Allied and German evacuation policies at the Western Front, 1914–1918
vol. 6 (3): 239-255
Dark Invasion, 1915: Germany’s secret war and the hunt for the first terrorist cell in America
vol. 6 (3): 294-295
Crisis in the mediterranean: naval competition and great power politics, 1904–1914
vol. 6 (3): 295-297
Discourses surrounding British widows of the First World War
vol. 6 (3): 293-294
“There is no trace of him”: the Australian Red Cross, its Wounded and Missing Bureaux and the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign
vol. 6 (3): 277-292
Landscapes of the Western Front: materiality during the Great War
vol. 6 (3): 297-299
The Canadian experience of the Great War: a guide to memoirs
vol. 6 (3): 299-300
Small powers in the age of total War, 1900–1940
vol. 6 (3): 300-302
Torpedo: inventing the military-industrial complex in the United States and Great Britain
vol. 6 (2): 214-216
Modern warfare: camouflage tactics (‘Tarnung’) in the German army during the First World War
vol. 6 (2): 113-132
Philanthropy and voluntary action in the First World War: mobilizing charity
vol. 6 (2): 216-217

French History

Writers and the press in France 1600-2000: politics, pamphlets and propaganda
Dubbelboer, M., vol. 30 (2): 157-164
Mazarinades, manifestos and mavericks: political and ideological engagement during the Fronde
Bannister, M., vol. 30 (2): 165-180
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