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First World War Studies

Contested commemorations: republican war veterans and Weimar political culture
vol. 5 (3): 351-353
The Russian origins of the First World War
vol. 5 (3): 340-342
Verdun: the longest battle of the great war
vol. 5 (3): 337-338
The Romanian Battlefront in World War I
vol. 5 (3): 338-340
Writing the ‘ill-managed nursery’: British POW memoirs of the First World War
vol. 5 (3): 267-286
Beyond ‘The Bleak and Dismal Shore:’ the wartime and postwar experiences of American Four Minute Men, 1917–1927
vol. 5 (3): 305-318
Peace-mongering in 1913: the Carnegie international commission of inquiry and its report on the Balkan Wars
vol. 5 (2): 147-162
Labour and the monarchy: patriotism and republicanism during the Great War
vol. 5 (2): 163-179
The negotiation of national and regional identity during the Schleswig-plebiscite following the First World War
vol. 5 (2): 181-211
The role of nationalism in Australian war literature of the 1930s
vol. 5 (2): 213-231
Love and loss, marriage and mourning: World War One in German home front novels
vol. 5 (2): 233-250
World War I in Africa: the forgotten conflict among the European powers
vol. 5 (2): 251-252
On the far western front: Britain's First World War in South America
vol. 5 (2): 252-253
Reconstructing patriarchy after the Great War: women, gender, and postwar reconciliation between nations
vol. 5 (2): 254-255
Men of war: masculinity and the First World War in Britain
vol. 5 (2): 255-257
I dannati dell'Asinara: L'odissea dei prigionieri austro-ungarici nella Prima guerra mondiale [The damned of Asinara: The odyssey of Austro-Hungarian prisoners in the First World War]
vol. 5 (2): 257-259
The Ottoman road to war in 1914: the Ottoman Empire and the First World War
vol. 5 (2): 259-260
The Ottoman mobilization of manpower in the First World War: between voluntarism and resistance
vol. 5 (2): 260-262
Selling the Great War: the making of American propaganda
vol. 5 (2): 262-263
American pandemic: the lost worlds of the 1918 influenza epidemic
vol. 5 (2): 264-265
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