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History and Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of History

vol. 56 (4): 156-156

History of European Ideas

The polis and the res publica: two Arendtian models of violence
Caroline Ashcroft, vol. 44 (1): 128-142
vol. 44 (1): 147-147
Taming sovereignty: constituent power in nineteenth-century French political thought
Lucia Rubinelli, vol. 44 (1): 60-74
Between political emancipation and creole hegemony: Viscardo’s Letter to the Spanish Americans (c. 1791)
Humberto R. Núñez Faraco, vol. 44 (1): 49-59
Élie Halévy and French socialist liberalism
K. Steven Vincent, vol. 44 (1): 75-97
Limiting democracy and framing the economy: Hayek, Schmitt and ordoliberalism
Sean Irving, vol. 44 (1): 113-127
Catharine Macaulay’s enlightenment faith and radical politics
Karen Green, vol. 44 (1): 35-48
Revisiting the early history of international law
Daniel S. Allemann, vol. 44 (1): 143-146
Vico and the disgregation of historia salutis
Donghyun Lim, vol. 44 (1): 1-13
Religion and the cultural public sphere: the case of the Finnish liberal intelligentsia during the turmoil of the early twentieth century
Jukka Kortti, vol. 44 (1): 98-112
Chivalrous models of Patriot Kingship: Gilbert West, Lord Lyttelton and The Idea of a Patriot King
Jurriaan M. van Santvoort, vol. 44 (1): 14-34
Antiquarianism and national history. The emergence of a new scholarly paradigm in early modern historical studies
Lydia Janssen, vol. 43 (8): 843-856
Astrology and reformation
Alissa MacMillan, vol. 43 (8): 1029-1032
Cesare Beccaria’s On Crimes and Punishments: the meaning and genesis of a jurispolitical pamphlet
Philippe Audegean, vol. 43 (8): 884-897
Colonial emulation: sinophobia, ethnic stereotypes and imperial anxieties in late eighteenth-century economic thought
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Darwin’s missing links
John S. Warren, vol. 43 (8): 929-1001
PART I: Pierre Bayle’s Reply of a New Convert (1689)
John Christian Laursen, vol. 43 (8): 857-883
The enemy as the unthinkable: a concretist reading of Carl Schmitt’s conception of the political
Mariano Croce, vol. 43 (8): 1016-1028
J.A. Symonds, socialism and the crisis of sexuality in fin-de-siècle Britain
Colin Tyler, vol. 43 (8): 1002-1015
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