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Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

Hollywood exiles in Europe: the blacklist and Cold War film culture
vol. 35 (1): 199-200
Turkish German Cinema in the New Millennium: sites, sounds, and screens
vol. 35 (1): 197-198
Masculinity and gender in Greek cinema: 1946–1967
vol. 35 (1): 200-202
A history of Spanish film. Cinema and society 1910–2010
vol. 35 (1): 206-208
The Creation of the Nippon Newsreel Company: Personal Rivalry and Profit in Wartime Japan
Preview Screenings and the Spaces of an Emerging Local Cinema Trade in Scotland
‘Are You Proud to Be British?’: Mobile Film Shows, Local Voices and the Demise of the British Empire in Africa
Everybody’s Business: Film, Food and Victory in the First World War

Historical Research

Notable protests: respectable resistance in occupied northern France, 1914–18
James E. Connolly, ONLINE EARLY
Recovering Charles I's art collection: some implications of the 1660 Act of Indemnity and Oblivion
Andrew Barclay, ONLINE EARLY
Of crofters, Celts and claymores: the Celtic Magazine and the Highland cultural nationalist movement, 1875–88
Ian B. Stewart, ONLINE EARLY
Obstinate juries, impudent barristers and scandalous verdicts? Compensating the victims of the Gordon Riots of 1780 and the Priestley Riots of 1791
Jonathan Atherton, ONLINE EARLY
The art of governing contingency: rethinking the colonial history of diamond mining in Sierra Leone
Lorenzo D'Angelo, ONLINE EARLY
The Bari charter of privileges of 1132: articulating the culture of a new Norman monarchy
Paul Oldfield, ONLINE EARLY
Bishop William Laud and the parliament of 1626
Mark Parry, vol. 88 (240): 230-248
Herbert Read and the fluid memory of the First World War: poetry, prose and polemic
Matthew S. Adams, ONLINE EARLY
Two oaths of the community in 1258
Representing commodified space: maps, leases, auctions and ‘narrations’ of property in Delhi, c.1900−47
Anish Vanaik, ONLINE EARLY
Courting public favour: the Boy Scout movement and the accident of internationalism, 1907−29
Scott Johnston, ONLINE EARLY
The creation of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance as seen from the Romanian archives
Elena Dragomir, ONLINE EARLY
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