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Historical Research

‘Now the mask is taken off’: Jacobitism and colonial New England, 1702–27
David Parrish, ONLINE EARLY
Religion, politics and patronage in the late Hanoverian navy, c.1780–c.1820
Gareth Atkins, ONLINE EARLY
Through French eyes: Victorian cities in the eighteen-forties viewed by Léon Faucher
Philip Morey, ONLINE EARLY
An unrealized cult? Hagiography and Norman ducal genealogy in twelfth-century England
Ilya Afanasyev, ONLINE EARLY
Liberal Unionism and political representation in Wales, c.1886–1893
Naomi Lloyd-Jones, ONLINE EARLY
Local initiative, central oversight, provincial perspective: governing police forces in nineteenth-century Leeds
David Churchill, ONLINE EARLY
The seditious murder of Thomas of Sibthorpe and the Great Statute of Treasons, 1351–2
‘Such nonsense that it cannot be true’: the Jacobite reaction to George Lockhart of Carnwath's Memoirs Concerning the Affairs of Scotland
Daniel Szechi, ONLINE EARLY
Royal and non-royal forests and chases in England and Wales
John Langton, ONLINE EARLY
Ballot papers and the practice of elections: Britain, France and the United States of America, c.1500–2000
Malcolm Crook, Tom Crook, ONLINE EARLY


Notes on Contributors
vol. 100 (340): 0-0
Intelligence Studies: The British Invasion
Richard H. Immerman, vol. 100 (340): 163-166
The Burgeoning Fissures of Dissent: Allen Dulles and the Selling of the CIA in the Aftermath of the Bay of Pigs
Simon Willmetts, vol. 100 (340): 167-188
American Journalism and the Landscape of Secrecy: Tad Szulc, the CIA and Cuba
Richard J. Aldrich, vol. 100 (340): 189-209
The ‘Incredible Wrongness’ of Nikita Khrushchev: The CIA and the Cuban Missile Crisis
Len Scott, vol. 100 (340): 210-228
Journalism, Intelligence and the New York Times: Cyrus L. Sulzberger, Harrison E. Salisbury and the CIA
Matthew Jones, vol. 100 (340): 229-250
Turning Against the CIA: Whistleblowers During the ‘Time of Troubles’
Christopher Moran, vol. 100 (340): 251-274
‘Do We Still Need the CIA?’ Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the Central Intelligence Agency and US Foreign Policy
Paul McGarr, vol. 100 (340): 275-292
The Housewife, the Vigilante and the Cigarette-Smoking Man: The CIA and Television, 1975–2001
Trevor McCrisken, vol. 100 (340): 293-310
Through a Glass, Darkly: The CIA and Oral History
Andrew Hammond, vol. 100 (340): 311-326
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