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Economic History Review

The great divergence and the economics of printing†
Luis Angeles, ONLINE EARLY
Direct finance in the Dutch Golden Age†
Oscar Gelderblom, Joost Jonker, Clemens Kool, ONLINE EARLY
Building an alternative economic network? Consumer cooperation in Scotland from the 1870s to the 1960s†
The trans-Atlantic slave trade and local political fragmentation in Africa
Nonso Obikili, ONLINE EARLY
Migrants’ self-selection in the early stages of modern economic growth, Spain (1880–1930)
Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia, Santiago Miguel Salanova, ONLINE EARLY
Product quality or market regulation? Explaining the slow growth of Europe's wine cooperatives, 1880–1980
Eva Fernández, James Simpson, ONLINE EARLY
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The demand for residential domestic service in the London of 1901†
Quentin Outram, ONLINE EARLY
Children's growth in an adaptive framework: explaining the growth patterns of American slaves and other historical populations
Eric B. Schneider, ONLINE EARLY
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English Historical Review

Pisan Perspectives: The Carmen in victoriam and Holy War, c.1000-1150
Grant, A. C., vol. 131 (552): 983-1009
Father Confessors and Clerical Intervention in Witch-Trials in Seventeenth-Century Lutheran Germany: The Case of Rothenburg, 1692
Rowlands, A., vol. 131 (552): 1010-1042
Pandoras Post Box: Empire and Information in India, 1854-1914
Frost, M. R., vol. 131 (552): 1043-1073
The Information Research Department, Unattributable Propaganda, and Northern Ireland, 1971-1973: Promising Salvation but Ending in Failure?
Cormac, R., vol. 131 (552): 1074-1104
Medieval Christianity: A New History, by Kevin Madigan
Moore, R. I., vol. 131 (552): 1105-1105
The Ransom of the Soul: Afterlife and Wealth in Early Western Christianity, by Peter Brown
Smith, J. M. H., vol. 131 (552): 1105-1107
Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow: Bedes 'Homily i.13 on Benedict Biscop; Bedes 'History of the Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow; The Anonymous 'Life of Ceolfrith; Bedes 'Letter to Ecgbert, Bishop of York, ed. and tr. Christopher Grocock and I.N. Wood
OBrien, C., vol. 131 (552): 1107-1109
The Anglo-Saxon Chancery: The History, Language and Production of Anglo-Saxon Charters from Alfred to Edgar, by Ben Snook
Pratt, D., vol. 131 (552): 1109-1110
Aggersborg: The Viking-Age Settlement and Fortress, ed. Else Roesdahl, Soren M. Sindbaek, Anne Pedersen and David M. Wilson
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The History of the Danes: Saxo Grammaticus, Gesta Danorum, ed. Karsten Friis Jensen, tr. Peter Fisher
Christiansen, E., vol. 131 (552): 1112-1113
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