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Mad Men: A Cultural History

Historical Research

The 1553 succession crisis reconsidered
Paulina Kewes, ONLINE EARLY
‘One of the best men of business we had ever met’: Thomas Drummond, the boundary commission and the 1832 Reform Act
Martin Spychal, ONLINE EARLY
The vagaries and value of the army transport mule in the British army during the First World War
Andrekos Varnava, ONLINE EARLY
Ambition, anxiety and aspiration: the use and abuse of Cambridge University's ten-year divinity statute
Passages from India: Indian anti-colonial activism in exile, 1905–20
Zaib un Nisa Aziz, ONLINE EARLY
The public rivalry between regulated and joint stock corporations and the development of seventeenth-century corporate constitutions
William A. Pettigrew, Tristan Stein, ONLINE EARLY
A ‘conservative’ family? The Howard women and responses to religious change during the early Reformation, c.1530–1558
Nicola Clark, ONLINE EARLY
Butlers and dish-bearers in Anglo-Saxon courts: household officers at the royal table
Alban Gautier, ONLINE EARLY


Issue Information
vol. 102 (350): 179-181
Alexander of Telese's Encomium of Capua and the Formation of the Kingdom of Sicily
PAUL OLDFIELD, vol. 102 (350): 183-200
The Anglo-Scottish War of 1558 and the Scottish Reformation
AMY BLAKEWAY, vol. 102 (350): 201-224
African American Citizenship, the 1883 Civil Rights Cases and the Creation of the Jim Crow South
STEPHEN ROBINSON, vol. 102 (350): 225-241
Hector Davies: A Liberal at War
RHODRI JEFFREYS-JONES, vol. 102 (350): 242-258
Review Article: The Intellectual Foundations of Burke Scholarship
J. C. D. Clark, vol. 102 (350): 259-270
Review Article: Long Shadows of the Shoah: The ‘Aftermath’ in Holocaust Historiography
JAN LÁNÍČEK, vol. 102 (350): 271-286
The Thorney Liber Vitae (London, British Library, Additional MS 40,000, fols 1–12r): Edition, Facsimile and Study. Edited by Lynda Rollason. Boydell. 2015. xxx + 317 pp. £95.00.
LEVI ROACH, vol. 102 (350): 287-288
The Church and Vale of Evesham, 700–1215: Lordship, Landscape and Prayer. By David Cox. Boydell. 2015. xvi + 228pp. £60.00.
ANDREW WAREHAM, vol. 102 (350): 288-290
Bishops, Authority and Community in Northwestern Europe, c.1050–1150. By John S. Ott. Cambridge University Press. 2015. xii + 380pp. £74.99.
JULIA BARROW, vol. 102 (350): 290-291
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