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Historical Research

Ambition, anxiety and aspiration: the use and abuse of Cambridge University's ten-year divinity statute
Passages from India: Indian anti-colonial activism in exile, 1905–20
Zaib un Nisa Aziz, ONLINE EARLY
The public rivalry between regulated and joint stock corporations and the development of seventeenth-century corporate constitutions
William A. Pettigrew, Tristan Stein, ONLINE EARLY
A ‘conservative’ family? The Howard women and responses to religious change during the early Reformation, c.1530–1558
Nicola Clark, ONLINE EARLY
Butlers and dish-bearers in Anglo-Saxon courts: household officers at the royal table
Alban Gautier, ONLINE EARLY


Issue Information
vol. 102 (350): 179-181
Alexander of Telese's Encomium of Capua and the Formation of the Kingdom of Sicily
PAUL OLDFIELD, vol. 102 (350): 183-200
The Anglo-Scottish War of 1558 and the Scottish Reformation
AMY BLAKEWAY, vol. 102 (350): 201-224
African American Citizenship, the 1883 Civil Rights Cases and the Creation of the Jim Crow South
STEPHEN ROBINSON, vol. 102 (350): 225-241
Hector Davies: A Liberal at War
RHODRI JEFFREYS-JONES, vol. 102 (350): 242-258
Review Article: The Intellectual Foundations of Burke Scholarship
J. C. D. Clark, vol. 102 (350): 259-270
Review Article: Long Shadows of the Shoah: The ‘Aftermath’ in Holocaust Historiography
JAN LÁNÍČEK, vol. 102 (350): 271-286
The Thorney Liber Vitae (London, British Library, Additional MS 40,000, fols 1–12r): Edition, Facsimile and Study. Edited by Lynda Rollason. Boydell. 2015. xxx + 317 pp. £95.00.
LEVI ROACH, vol. 102 (350): 287-288
The Church and Vale of Evesham, 700–1215: Lordship, Landscape and Prayer. By David Cox. Boydell. 2015. xvi + 228pp. £60.00.
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JULIA BARROW, vol. 102 (350): 290-291
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KATHERINE HARVEY, vol. 102 (350): 291-292
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DAVID NICHOLAS, vol. 102 (350): 300-302
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