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History of European Ideas

Rousseau, Diderot and the Spirit of Catherine the Great's Reforms
Graham Clure, ONLINE EARLY
The many Robespierres from 1794 to the present
The Reception of ‘That Bigoted Silly Fellow’ James Beattie's Essay on Truth in Britain 1770–1830
J. A. Smith, Human Imperfection and the Strange Afterlife of British Idealism
Adrian Paylor, vol. 41 (6): 771-787
The Macho Magister Ludi: An Analysis of Ernest Gellner's Thought-Style
Stefan Schubert, vol. 41 (6): 788-803
Revolutionary Ideas: An Intellectual History of the French Revolution from the Rights of Man to Robespierre
Minchul Kim, vol. 41 (6): 825-830
Buttons and Blood, or, How to Write an Anti-Slavery Treatise in 1770s Paris
April G. Shelford, vol. 41 (6): 747-770
Archibald Campbell's Necessity of Revelation (1739)—the Science of Human Nature's First Study of Religion
R. J. W. Mills, vol. 41 (6): 728-746
The Future of Illusion: Political Theology and Early Modern Texts/Minding the Modern: Human Agency, Intellectual Traditions, and Responsible Knowledge
Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, vol. 41 (6): 822-825
Egyptology, the limits of antiquarianism, and the origins of conjectural history, c. 1680–1740: new sources and perspectives
Dmitri Levitin, vol. 41 (6): 699-727
Maynard Keynes and the Reverend Kenneth Rawlings: The Genesis of a Theatre
Paul Myles, vol. 41 (6): 804-821
Sociability, Perfectibility and the Intellectual Legacy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Michael Sonenscher, vol. 41 (5): 683-698
Philosophy, Sociability and Modern Patriotism: Young Herder between Rousseau and Abbt
Eva Piirimäe, vol. 41 (5): 640-661
Introduction: Between Morality and Anthropology—Sociability in Enlightenment Thought
Eva Piirimäe, vol. 41 (5): 571-588
Sociability and Hugo Grotius
Hans W. Blom, vol. 41 (5): 589-604
Unsocial Sociability in the Scottish Enlightenment: Ferguson and Kames on War, Sociability and the Foundations of Patriotism
Iain McDaniel, vol. 41 (5): 662-682
Unsociable Sociability and the Crisis of Natural Law: Michael Hissmann (1752–1784) on the State of Nature
Alexander Schmidt, vol. 41 (5): 619-639
Genesis for Historians: Thomas Abbt on Biblical and Conjectural Accounts of Human Nature
Avi Lifschitz, vol. 41 (5): 605-618
Understanding a Divide: A Symposium on a Fateful Public Conversation, Davos 1929
Björn Wittrock, vol. 41 (4): 423-431
Reflections on Continental Divide: An Author's Response
Peter E. Gordon, vol. 41 (4): 454-469
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