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English Historical Review

Fighting the Mau Mau: The British Army and Counter-Insurgency in the Kenya Emergency, by Huw Bennett * The Indian Army and the End of the Raj, by Daniel Marston
Finch, M. P. M., vol. 130 (547): 1609-1611
David Bruce and Diplomatic Practice: An American Ambassador in London, 1961-9, by John W. Young * The Paris Embassy: British Ambassadors and Anglo-French Relations, 1944-79, ed. Rogelia Pastor-Castro and John W. Young
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The Republic of Rock: Music and Citizenship in the Sixties Counterculture, by Michael J. Kramer
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Religion and the Demographic Revolution: Women and Secularisation in Canada, Ireland, UK and USA since the 1960s, by Callum G. Brown
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The Cambridge History of Capitalism. Volume 1: The Rise of Capitalism: From Ancient Origins to 1848. Volume 2: The Spread of Capitalism from 1848 to the Present, ed. Larry Neal and Jeffrey G. Williamson
Meredith, D., vol. 130 (547): 1618-1622
Notices of Records, Texts, and Reference Works, mainly of 2014
vol. 130 (547): 1623-1641

European History Quarterly

'They Shall Not Keep Their Doors or Windows Open: Urban Space and the Dynamics of Conflict and Contact in Premodern Jewish-Christian Relations
Jütte, D., vol. 46 (2): 209-237
The Italian Risorgimento and Sicilian Popular Balladry: The Problem of 'Deep Images and Popular Reception
Kehoe, B., vol. 46 (2): 238-261
In the Shadow of the Nazi Past: Post-war Reconstruction and the Claims of the Jewish Community in Salonika
Kralova, K., vol. 46 (2): 262-290
The Triumph of 'Normality, Social Attitudes, Popular Opinion and the Construction of the Franco Regime in Post-War Rural Spain (1936-1952)
Hernandez Burgos, C., vol. 46 (2): 291-310
The First World War in a Global Age
Mulligan, W., vol. 46 (2): 311-326
Peter Anderson and Miguel Angel del Arco Blanco, eds, Mass Killings and Violence in Spain, 1936-1952: Grappling with the Past
Silva, D. O., vol. 46 (2): 327-329
Nicholas Berg, The Holocaust and the West German Historians: Historical Interpretation and Autobiographical Memory
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Francisco Bethencourt, Racisms: From the Crusades to the Twentieth Century
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Roberto Bizzocchi, A Ladys Man: The Cicisbei, Private Morals and National Identity in Italy
Borello, B., vol. 46 (2): 333-334
Kasper Brasken, The International Workers Relief, Communism, and Transnational Solidarity: Willi Münzenberg in Weimar Germany
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Marc Buggeln, Slave Labor in Nazi Concentration Camps; Martina Steber and Bernhard Gotto, eds, Visions of Community in Nazi Germany: Social Engineering and Private Lives
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Andrew Chandler and Charlotte Hansen, eds, Observing Vatican II: The Confidential Reports of the Archbishop of Canterburys Representative, Bernard Pawley, 1961-1964
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Trevor J. Dadson and J. H. Elliott, eds, Britain, Spain and the Treaty of Utrecht, 1713-2013
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Jennifer Mara DeSilva, ed., The Sacralization of Space and Behavior in the Early Modern World: Studies and Sources
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