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Settler Colonial Studies

Aboriginal sovereignty claims: contemporary voices in Australia
Intersections of the colonial and postcolonial: pragmatism, praxis and transformative grassroots activism at Sandon Point
Collaboration in struggle in Palestine: the search for a thirdspace
Opting for justice: the critical role of anti-colonial Israelis in the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement
Civil alliances – Palestine, 1947–1948
On the study of collaborative struggles in settler societies

Slavery & Abolition

Erratum: Erratum
vol. Slavery & Abolition, Ahead of Print.
(Slavery & Abolition, Ahead of Print.
): 0-0
‘The Light of Knowledge Follows the Impulse of Revolutions’: Prince Saunders, Baron de Vastey and the Haitian Influence on Antebellum Black Ideas of Elevation and Education
vol. Slavery & Abolition, Ahead of Print.
(Slavery & Abolition, Ahead of Print.
): 0-0

Social History of Medicine

The Search for International Food Safety Regulation. From the Commission Internationale pour la repression des falsifications to the Societe universelle de la Croix Blanche (1879-1909)
Guillem-Llobat, X., vol. 27 (3): 419-439
Before Survivorship: The Moment of Recovery in Twentieth-century American Cancer Campaigns
Cantor, D., vol. 27 (3): 440-465
The 'Dangerous' Women of Animal Welfare: How British Veterinary Medicine Went to the Dogs
Gardiner, A., vol. 27 (3): 466-487
The Question of Water Quality and London's New River in the Eighteenth Century
Tomory, L., vol. 27 (3): 488-507
The Prevalence of Syphilis in England and Wales on the Eve of the Great War: Re-visiting the Estimates of the Royal Commission on Venereal Diseases 1913-1916
Szreter, S., vol. 27 (3): 508-529
Pills, Potions and Devices: Treatments for Hearing Loss Advertised in Mid-nineteenth Century British Newspapers
Ross, L., Lyon, P., Cathcart, C., vol. 27 (3): 530-556
The Machinery of Authoritarian Care: Dramatising Breast Cancer Treatment in 1970s Britain
Toon, E., vol. 27 (3): 557-576
Contesting the Animal Model: Axel Holst and the Controversy over Scurvy and Beriberi
Asdal, K., vol. 27 (3): 577-593
Manon Parry, Broadcasting Birth Control: Mass Media and Family Planning
Holz, R., vol. 27 (3): 594-595
Roger Cooter with Claudia Stein, Writing History in the Age of Biomedicine
Neff, L. R., vol. 27 (3): 595-597
James F. Stark, The Making of Modern Anthrax, 1875-1920: Uniting Local, National and Global Histories of Disease
Carter, T., vol. 27 (3): 597-598
Marjo Kaartinen, Breast Cancer in the Eighteenth Century
Read, S., vol. 27 (3): 598-599
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