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Historical Research

‘We have to compliment the Aristocracy on the exhibition of their morals': the Ellenborough divorce case (1830) and the politics of scandal in pre-reform London and Vormärz Vienna
An inflammatory match? Public anxiety and political assurance at the wedding of William III and Mary II
Catriona Murray, ONLINE EARLY
Magna Carta, canon law and pastoral care: excommunication and the church's publication of the charter
Felicity G. Hill, ONLINE EARLY
‘A mission he bore – to Duke William he came’: Harold Godwineson's Commentum and his covert ambitions
Ad F. J. van Kempen, ONLINE EARLY
The English parishes and knights' fees tax of 1428: a study in fiscal politics and administration
Alex Brayson, ONLINE EARLY
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vol. 89 (245): 397-397
History and biography
Lawrence Goldman, vol. 89 (245): 399-411
Magna Carta and the honour of Wallingford
Christopher Tilley, vol. 89 (245): 454-469
The parliamentary mind and the mutable constitution
Catherine Chou, ONLINE EARLY
Reformative rhetoric and the exercise of corporal power: Alexander Maconochie's regime at Birmingham prison, 1849–51
The decline of the Liberal party in the heart of England: the Liberals in Leicestershire, 1914–24
Gavin J. Freeman, ONLINE EARLY
National Service: the University of London Library during the Second World War
Colonial autonomy and Cold War diplomacy: Hong Kong and the case of Anthony Grey, 1967–9
James Fellows, ONLINE EARLY
Anne of Kiev (c.1024–c.1075) and a reassessment of maternal power in the minority kingship of Philip I of France
Emily Joan Ward, ONLINE EARLY
Recording, reporting and printing the Cromwellian ‘kingship debates’ of 1657
Jonathan Fitzgibbons, ONLINE EARLY
Bede's sources for his references to ‘hides’ in the Ecclesiastical History and the History of the Abbots
Richard Shaw, ONLINE EARLY


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vol. 101 (346): 333-333
Notes on Contributors
vol. 101 (346): 334-335
Introduction: Military and Political Violence in History and Theory
MARK HEWITSON, vol. 101 (346): 337-361
A (Conceptual) History of Violence
ADRIANO VINALE, vol. 101 (346): 362-378
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