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Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

Reception of War Propaganda in Fascist Italy: Second World War Fiction Films and Critical Audiences
vol. 35 (1): 1-26
British Governmental Institutions, the Regional Information Office in Singapore and the Use of the Official Film in Malaya and Singapore, 1948–1961
vol. 35 (1): 27-52
‘If You Have Seen it, You Cannot Forget!’: Film Consumption and Memories of Cinema-Going in 1950s Rome
vol. 35 (1): 53-74
Crisis At The Capitole: A Cultural Economics Analysis Of A Major First-Run Cinema In Ghent, 1953–1971
vol. 35 (1): 75-124
Film policy, national identity and period adaptations in Flanders during the 1970s and 1980s
vol. 35 (1): 125-144
W. B. Yeats and Broadcasting, 1924–1965
vol. 35 (1): 145-175
‘The Kind Of Program Service All The People Want’: Pat Weaver’s Failed Fourth Network
vol. 35 (1): 176-194
The age of new waves: art cinema and the staging of globalization
vol. 35 (1): 195-197
Turkish German Cinema in the New Millennium: sites, sounds, and screens
vol. 35 (1): 197-198
Hollywood exiles in Europe: the blacklist and Cold War film culture
vol. 35 (1): 199-200
Masculinity and gender in Greek cinema: 1946–1967
vol. 35 (1): 200-202
Writing and producing television drama in Denmark. From the Kingdom to the killing
vol. 35 (1): 202-204
‘Der Farbfilm marschiert!’ Frühe Farbfilmverfahren und NS-Propaganda 1933–1945
vol. 35 (1): 204-206
A history of Spanish film. Cinema and society 1910–2010
vol. 35 (1): 206-208
Dansk film under nazismen
vol. 35 (1): 208-210
Cinema in Central Asia: rewriting cultural histories
vol. 35 (1): 210-212
The Phoenix Picturehouse: 100 years of Oxford cinema memories
vol. 35 (1): 212-214
Crossroads (1970) and the origin of Islamic Cinema in Turkey
Channeling anti-fascism: Macleish, Welles and the disorienting power of the announcer
A Canadian Network? The CBC and Television, 1936–1939
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