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Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

Up, Up and Across: Superman, the Second World War and the Historical Development of Transmedia Storytelling
Blood, Thunder and Showgirls: The Merchant Navy on the BBC, 1939–1945
Screening black political struggle on 1970s British Television: the case of the Play for Today, A Hole in Babylon (1979)
‘Did you ever notice this dot in the Mediterranean?’ Colonial Cyprus in the post-war British documentary
Filming the retreat from Burma, 1942: British newsreel coverage of the longest retreat in British Army history

Historical Research

Liberal Unionism and political representation in Wales, c.1886–1893
Naomi Lloyd-Jones, ONLINE EARLY
Humanitarian assistance during the Rif War (Morocco, 1921–6): the International Committee of the Red Cross and ‘an unfortunate affair’
Pablo La Porte, ONLINE EARLY
Local initiative, central oversight, provincial perspective: governing police forces in nineteenth-century Leeds
David Churchill, ONLINE EARLY
The seditious murder of Thomas of Sibthorpe and the Great Statute of Treasons, 1351–2


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