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History of the Human Sciences

Book review: Gentlemen's Disagreement: Alfred Kinsey, Lewis Terman, and the Sexual Politics of Smart Men
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'Human beings in the round': Towards a general theory of the human sciences
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What economists forgot (and what Wall Street and the City never learned): A sociological perspective on the crisis in economics
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The taming of the aristoi - an ancient Greek civilizing process?
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Towards a complex-figurational socio-linguistics: Some contributions from physics, ecology and the sciences of complexity
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Figurational sociology and the rhetoric of post-philosophy
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The dawn of detachment: Norbert Elias and sociology's two tracks
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Growing up beside you: A relational sociology of early childhood
Gabriel, N., vol. 27 (3): 116-135

History Workshop Journal

Crediting Women in the Early Modern English Economy
Shepard, A., vol. 79 (1): 1-24
The Maroons of Santo Domingo in the Age of Revolutions: Adaptation and Evasion, 1783-1800
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Imperial Anticommunism and the African American Freedom Movement in the Early Cold War
Munro, J., vol. 79 (1): 52-75
Punk, Politics and British (fan)zines, 1976-84: 'While the world was dying, did you wonder why?'
Worley, M., vol. 79 (1): 76-106
Closing Time: Deindustrialization and Nostalgia in Contemporary France
Clarke, J., vol. 79 (1): 107-125
The Origins of Football: History, Ideology and the Making of 'The People's Game'
Kitching, G., vol. 79 (1): 127-153
Sport, Work and the Professional Cyclist in Belgium, 1907-40
Knuts, S., Delheye, P., vol. 79 (1): 154-176
Laughing Out Loud: 'Official' Humour in Three Dictatorships, Introduction
Caplan, J., Feldman, D., vol. 79 (1): 177-180
'Totalitarian Humour'? National Socialist Propaganda and Active Audiences in Entertainment
Merziger, P., vol. 79 (1): 181-197
Sanctioning Laughter in Stalin's Soviet Union
Waterlow, J., vol. 79 (1): 198-214
Laughter Under Fascism: Humour and Ridicule in Italy, 1922-43
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Freedom, 1886-2014: an Appreciation
Goodway, D., vol. 79 (1): 233-242
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