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Intellectual History Review

Priestcraft. Early modern variations on the theme of sacerdotal imposture
vol. 28 (1): 1-6
Priestcraft. Anatomizing the anti-clericalism of early modern Europe
vol. 28 (1): 7-22
The charge of religious imposture in late antique anti-Christian authors and their early modern readers
vol. 28 (1): 23-34
Caught in the crossfire of early modern controversy: Strabo on Moses and his corrupt successors
vol. 28 (1): 35-59
From the Devil to the impostor: theological contributions to the idea of imposture
vol. 28 (1): 61-78
Machiavelli, Neville and the seventeenth-century English Republican attack on priestcraft
vol. 28 (1): 79-99
Ante-Nicene authority and the Trinity in seventeenth-century England
vol. 28 (1): 101-124
John Locke, the early Lockeans, and priestcraft
vol. 28 (1): 125-144
From matters of faith to matters of fact: the problem of priestcraft in early modern England
vol. 28 (1): 145-165
Voltaire, priestcraft and imposture: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
vol. 28 (1): 167-184
Hermann Samuel Reimarus, the Jewish priests of the Old Testament and the trope of imposture
vol. 28 (1): 185-199
Putting a positive spin on priestcraft. Accommodation and deception in late-Enlightenment German theology
vol. 28 (1): 201-224
Enchanting automata: Wilkins and the wonder of workmanship
vol. 27 (4): 453-471
Editorial Board
vol. 27 (4): 0-0
George Berkeley and Jonathan Edwards on idealism: considering an old question in light of new evidence
Duncan F. Gregory and Robert Leslie Ellis: second-generation reformers of British mathematics
The “historical question” at the end of the Scottish Enlightenment: Dugald Stewart on the natural origin of religion, universal consent, and religious diversity
The disillusionment of Robert Dell: the intellectual journey of a Catholic socialist
L’Amour morbide: how a transient mental illness became defunct
The French Enlightenment attempts to create a philosophy without reason: the case of Diderot and the effect of Helvétius
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