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Journal of the History of Collections

Un artiste-antiquaire en Egypte au XIXe siecle, textes reunis par Mercedes Volait
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A Dynasty of Dealers: John Smith and Successors, 1801-1924. A Study of the Art Market in Nineteenth-Century London
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Curating Empire. Museums and the British Imperial Experience
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The Art of Wealth: The Huntingtons in the Gilded Age
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Medical Museums. Past, Present, Future
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Books Received
vol. 26 (1): 129-129

Journal of Tourism History

Leisure as a matter of politics: the construction of the Finnish democratic model of tourism from the 1940s to the 1970s
What to see and how to see it: tourists, residents, and the beginnings of the walking tour in nineteenth-century Quebec City

Journal of Urban History

The Place of the City: Collaborative Learning, Urban History, and Transformations in Higher Education
Meringolo, D. D., vol. 40 (3): 419-424
Preserving Places, Making Spaces in Baltimore: Seeing the Connections of Research, Teaching, and Service as Justice
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Experiencing the City: Experiential Learning in Urban Environments
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Engaging the Neighborhood: The East Rogers Park Neighborhood History Project and the Possibilities and Challenges of Community-Based Initiatives
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Cracks in the Granite: Paternal Care, the Imperial Facade, and the Limits of Authority in the 1824 St. Petersburg Flood
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Peruvians in Paterson: The Growth and Establishment of a Peruvian American Community within the Multiethnic Immigrant History of Paterson, New Jersey
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The Racial Politics of Place: Jim Crow, the New Deal, and Suburban Housing on the Virginia Peninsula
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Italian American and African American Encounters in the City and in the Suburb
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The Road to Upward Mobility: Urbanity and the Creation of a New Middle Class in Postwar West Germany
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Oswald Nagler, HURPI, and the Formation of Urban Planning and Design in South Korea: The South Seoul Plan by HURPI and the Mok-dong Plan
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Making New York New: The Modernization of Manhattan and Its Discontents
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Green Cities, the Search for Sustainability, and Urban Environmental History
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