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Art History

Essentially the Same: Eduardo Costa's Minimal Differences and Latin American Conceptualism
Patrick Greaney, vol. 37 (1): 648-665
Like Father, Like Son: Bernini's Filial Imitation of Michelangelo
Carolina Mangone, vol. 37 (1): 666-687
Navajo Sandpainting in the Age of Cross-Cultural Replication
Janet Catherine Berlo, vol. 37 (1): 688-707
Copying and Theory in Edo-Period Japan (1615–1868)
Kazuko Kameda-Madar, vol. 37 (1): 708-727
Original Imitations for Sale: Dafen and Artistic Commodification
Vivian Li, vol. 37 (1): 728-743
The Temporal Logic of Citation in Chinese Painting
Martin J. Powers, vol. 37 (1): 744-763
Richard Shiff, vol. 37 (1): 764-783
The Image Valued ‘As Found’ and the Reconfiguring of Mimesis in Post-War Art
Alex Potts, vol. 37 (1): 784-805
History Lessons: Imitation, Work and the Temporality of Contemporary Art
Jonathan Bordo, vol. 37 (1): 806-825
Wandering Things: Agency and Embodiment in Late Sixteenth-Century English Miniature Portraits
Marianne Koos, ONLINE EARLY
Portraits of Mademoiselle de Charolais as a Franciscan Friar: Gender, Religion and Cross-Dressing
Melissa Percival, ONLINE EARLY
Tacita Dean and Still Life

Australian Journal of Politics & History

Faultlines: Cohesion and Division in Modern Europe
Mark Seymour, Maartje Abbenhuis, Simone Gigliotti, Giacomo Lichtner, vol. 60 (3): 329-333
The “Revolution” of the Franco-Prussian War: The Aftermath in Western Europe
Christopher Ernest Barber, vol. 60 (3): 334-345
Shame and the Anti-Suffragist in Britain and Ireland: Drawing Women back into the Fold?
Sharon Crozier-De Rosa, vol. 60 (3): 346-359
“More than a Tree, Less than a Woman” Sex and Empire: the Italian Case
Daniela Baratieri, vol. 60 (3): 360-372
Death in the Cathedral: the Long Battle over French National Identity and the Legacy of Vichy
Debbie Lackerstein, vol. 60 (3): 373-383
What did it mean to be Loyal? Jewish Survivors in Post-War Czechoslovakia in a Comparative Perspective
Jan Láníček, vol. 60 (3): 384-404
The Return of the Avant-Garde in Post-war West Germany
Mia Lee, vol. 60 (3): 405-415
“Breivik is my Hero”: the Dystopian World of Extreme Right Youth on the Internet
Emily Turner-Graham, vol. 60 (3): 416-430
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