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Art History

‘Freedom I do reveal to you’: Scale, Microarchitecture, and the Rise of the Turriform Civic Monument in Fourteenth-Century Northern Europe
Achim Timmermann, vol. 38 (2): 324-345
Measuring the Bones: On Francesco di Giorgio Martini's Saluzzianus Skeleton
Emanuele Lugli, vol. 38 (2): 346-363
The Measure of the World: Scenes from a Journey to Kaesŏng
Joan Kee, vol. 38 (2): 364-385
Photography and Scale: Projection, Exhibition, Collection
Olivier Lugon, vol. 38 (2): 386-403
Tintoretto's Time
Kamini Vellodi, ONLINE EARLY
Visuality, Morality, and Same-Sex Desire: The Infants Christ and Saint John the Baptist in Early Netherlandish Art
Andrea Pearson, ONLINE EARLY
The Problem of Race in Brazilian Painting, c. 1850–1920
Rafael Cardoso, ONLINE EARLY
Living Statues and Neoclassical Dress in Late Eighteenth-Century Naples
Amelia Rauser, ONLINE EARLY
Memories of Kinship in Keith Vaughan's Post-War Paintings
Gregory Salter, ONLINE EARLY
Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies

Australian Economic History Review

Chinese Regions in the Great Divergence: Provincial Gross Domestic Product per Capita, 1873–1918
Paul Caruana-Galizia, Ye Ma, ONLINE EARLY
Effects of Pastoralism and Rabbits on the Economy and Culture of the Diyari People of North-Eastern South Australia
Long-Run Trends in Australian Executive Remuneration: BHP, 1887–2012
Mike Pottenger, Andrew Leigh, ONLINE EARLY
Excise Tax Harmonisation in Australia at Federation
A Tale of Two Armies: Comparative Growth in the Mirror of the First World War
John Cranfield, Kris Inwood, ONLINE EARLY
The Western Australian Convicts
Nicholas J. Meinzer, ONLINE EARLY
Estimating the Aboriginal Population in Early Colonial Australia: The Role of Chickenpox Reconsidered
Boyd H. Hunter, John Carmody, ONLINE EARLY

Australian Historical Studies

AHS Classics: Australia and the First World War
Remembering Australia's First World War
vol. 46 (1): 1-6
Anzac for Sale: Consumer Culture, Regulation and the Shaping of a Legend, 1915–21
vol. 46 (1): 7-26
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