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Gender and History

Private Lives, Public Spheres: Contesting Child Marriage at the Age of Independence in British Malaya, 1950
Jialin Christina Wu, vol. 29 (3): 658-674
The Importance of Marrying ‘Straight’: Aboriginal Marriage and Mission Monogamy in Twentieth-century North Australia
Laura Rademaker, vol. 29 (3): 641-657
Marriage and the Construction of Colonial Order: Jurisdiction, Gender and Class in Seventeenth-century Dutch Batavia
Deborah Hamer, vol. 29 (3): 622-640
Between Sacrament, Sin and Crime: Mixed Marriages and the Roman Church in Early Modern Europe
Cecilia Cristellon, vol. 29 (3): 605-621
Customs in Common: Marriage, Law and the Making of Difference in Colonial Natal
Nafisa Essop Sheik, vol. 29 (3): 589-604
In Defence of Bigamy: Colonial Policy, Jewish Law and Gender in Venetian Crete
Rena N. Lauer, vol. 29 (3): 570-588
Issue Information
vol. 29 (3): 497-499
vol. 29 (3): 500-504
Introduction: Marriage's Global Past
Sara McDougall, Sarah M. S. Pearsall, vol. 29 (3): 505-528
The Portrayal of Marriage in Miracula in France, c.1000–1200
Elisabeth van, vol. 29 (3): 529-543
Christian Marriage between Tradition and Modernity: Catholic and Protestant Women and Marriage Education in Late Colonial Cameroon, 1939–1960
Charlotte Walker-Said, vol. 29 (3): 544-569
Gender, Work and Diplomacy in Baroque Spain: The Ambassadorial Couples of the Holy Roman Empire as Arbeitspaare
Oliván Santaliestra Laura, ONLINE EARLY

Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

The IAMHIST-Routledge Best Article Prizes for 2016
vol. 37 (4): 745-745
Autobiography and history on screen: The Life and Times of Lord Mountbatten
vol. 37 (4): 665-682
Small Screen to Big Screen Made-for-TV Movies in American and International Cinemas
vol. 37 (4): 615-629
‘Territory Going Fast!’ State rights distribution and the early multi-reel feature film
vol. 37 (4): 598-614
Fair do’s: Tom Hadaway and the regional voice in 1970s British television
vol. 37 (4): 683-702
British radio drama and the avant-garde in the 1950s
vol. 37 (4): 649-664
Mad Men Is History
vol. 37 (4): 722-744
Video Nicies: Rethinking the relationship between video entertainment and children in Britain during the early 1980s
vol. 37 (4): 630-648
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