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Journal of Urban History

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Space of Power and Power of Space: Islam and Conflict over Cemetery Space in Colonial Ibadan
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Voices from the Storm
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Journal of Victorian Culture

Comedy, Caricature and the Social Order, 1820–50
Erratum: Erratum
‘A Gleaming and Glorious Star’: Rethinking History in the Plurality-of-Worlds Debate
vol. 18 (4): 429-452
Social Notes: Oscar Wilde, Francis Bacon, and the Medium of Aphorism
vol. 18 (4): 453-471
The Deleterious Dominance of The Times in Nineteenth-Century Scholarship
vol. 18 (4): 472-497
‘A Beautiful Fiction of Law’: Rhetorical Engagements with Terra Nullius in the British Periodical Press in the 1840s
vol. 18 (4): 498-515
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