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Jewish Culture and History

Salis Daiches – towards a portrait of a Scottish rabbi
Hannah Holtschneider, vol. 16 (2): 142-156
Nomadic cosmopolitanism: Jewish prototypes of the cosmopolitan in the writings of Stefan Zweig, Joseph Roth and Lion Feuchtwanger, 1918–1933
Cathy S. Gelbin, vol. 16 (2): 157-177
Wandering Jews: camping culture and Jewish socialist youth in interwar Poland
Magdalena Kozłowska, ONLINE EARLY

Journal for Maritime Research

Gendering the maritime world
vol. 17 (2): 97-101
Buggery's travels: Royal Navy sodomy on ship and shore in the long eighteenth century
vol. 17 (2): 103-116
Tears and the manly sailor in England, c. 1760–1860
vol. 17 (2): 117-133
Emma Hamilton, war, and the depiction of femininity in the late eighteenth century
vol. 17 (2): 135-145
Clothes make the man: naval uniform and masculinity in the early nineteenth century
vol. 17 (2): 147-154
Cut adrift or towed astern: sailors’ wives in mid-nineteenth century Portsea Island considered in perspective
vol. 17 (2): 155-168
‘A feminine touch’: gender, design and the ocean liner
vol. 17 (2): 169-181
Privateering as a language of international politics: English and French privateering against the Dutch Republic, 1655–1665
vol. 17 (2): 183-194
The Cold War and Britain's dispute with the USSR over territorial waters and fishery limits, 1953–1956
vol. 17 (2): 195-210
The First World War at sea
vol. 17 (2): 211-214
Light upon the waters: the history of Trinity House 1514–2014
vol. 17 (2): 215-216
The Dreadnought and the Edwardian age
vol. 17 (2): 217-218
Disease, war and the imperial state: the welfare of the British armed forces during the Seven Years’ War
vol. 17 (2): 218-220
The Royal Navy and the Battle of Britain
vol. 17 (2): 220-221
The myth of the press gang: volunteers, impressment and the naval manpower problem in the late eighteenth century
vol. 17 (2): 221-223
Trade and cultural exchange in the early modern Mediterranean
vol. 17 (2): 223-224
Maskelyne: Astronomer Royal
vol. 17 (2): 225-226
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