Bibliographic update July 2015: All

Interdisciplinary Science Reviews

Dancers in the Dark: Scientific Careers According to a Gender-Blind Model of Promotion
Ana M. González Ramos, vol. 40 (2): 182-203
Truth and Method: Humanities Scholarship as a Science of Exceptions
Jerome Mcgann, vol. 40 (2): 204-218
The Future of Reading
Stan Ruecker, vol. 40 (1): 1-2
The Interface Implications of Understanding Readers
Teresa M. Dobson, vol. 40 (1): 3-16
Noses in Books: Orientation, Immersion, and Paratext
Cynthia Northcutt Malone, vol. 40 (1): 17-28
Mobile Media as New Forms of Spatialization
Luciano Frizzera, vol. 40 (1): 29-43
Discovering the Language of Data: Personal Pattern Languages and the Social Construction of Meaning from Big Data
Kim Erwin, vol. 40 (1): 44-60
A Fragmentizing Interface to a Large Corpus of Digitized Text: (Post)humanism and Non-consumptive Reading via Features
Sayan Bhattacharyya, vol. 40 (1): 61-77
Remediating the Editor
Susan Brown, vol. 40 (1): 78-94

Jewish Culture and History

Jewish immigrants and American capitalism, 1880–1920: from caste to class
Tobias Brinkmann, ONLINE EARLY
Ethnographic encounters in Israel: poetics and ethics of fieldwork
Miranda Crowdus, ONLINE EARLY
French and Jewish: culture and the politics of identity in early twentieth-century France
Tobias Metzler, ONLINE EARLY
Jewish art: a modern history
Diana I. Popescu, ONLINE EARLY
Mendelssohn perspectives
Anglo-Jewish women writing the holocaust
Peter Lawson, ONLINE EARLY
British Chief Rabbis, 1664–2006
Between Iberia, the Dutch Republic and Western Africa: Portuguese Sephardic long- and short-term mobility in the seventeenth century
Filipa Ribeiro da Silva, vol. 16 (1): 45-63
Sepharad – object of investigation? The academic discourse about Sepharad and Sephardim in Spain
Anna Menny, vol. 16 (1): 6-23
Writing the grandparent tongue: on plurilingual pasts in contemporary Sephardic literatures
Elisabeth Güde, vol. 16 (1): 82-95
A war of words: Sephardi merchants, (inter)national incidents, and litigation in the Dutch Republic, 1580–1640
Cátia Antunes, vol. 16 (1): 24-44
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