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Journal of Victorian Culture

Fun in Victorian London Today
vol. 18 (4): 516-525
Open Access
vol. 18 (4): 526-527
On Academic Integrity and the Right to Copy
vol. 18 (4): 528-535
Utopia Fading: Taxonomies, Freedom and Dissent in Open Access Publishing
vol. 18 (4): 536-542
Rapunzel and the Ivory Tower: How Open Access Will Save the Humanities (from Themselves)
vol. 18 (4): 543-550
Open Access for the Humanities: Not for Funders, Scientists or Publishers
vol. 18 (4): 551-557
‘He is all of the club and clubby’
vol. 18 (4): 558-561
The Filth and the Purity: Policing Dirt in Late-Victorian Detective Fiction
vol. 18 (4): 562-564
Moving Through Time and Space: Negotiating Victorian Media Studies
vol. 18 (4): 565-568
Museum Politics in Industrial Britain
vol. 18 (4): 568-571
‘Oo Let 'Em In?’
vol. 18 (4): 572-575
Within the Sound of Bow Bells
vol. 18 (4): 575-578
Notes on Contributors
vol. 18 (4): 579-580
Editorial Board
vol. 18 (4): 0-0

Labor History

Gramsci at the miners' strike: remembering the 1984–1985 Eurocommunist alternative industrial relations strategy
Dissent in the coalfields: miners, federal politics, and union reform in the United States, 1968–1973
Mining for the nation: the politics of Chile's coal communities from the popular front to the Cold War
The colonisation of employment regulation and industrial relations? Dynamics and developments over five decades of change
An alterfactual methodological approach to labor history: the case of the British miners' strike 1984–1985
The acid attack on Victor Riesel and fears of labor racketeering in Cold War America
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