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Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies

El cristianismo castellano ante la uniformización jurídica y pastoral de la Iglesia (siglos XI–XIII)
The taifa of Denia and the Jewish networks of the medieval Mediterranean: a study of the Cairo Geniza and other documents
Maurice and the Mozarabic charter: a cross-cultural transaction in early thirteenth-century Toledo

Journal of Modern Chinese History

A collection of historical documents on Weng Wenhao and the Chinese War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, compiled by CHEN Qianping, Beijing, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2017, 2 volumes, 863 pp., ISBN 978-7-5097-9823-2
vol. 11 (2): 345-347
Xuezheng regulations and the imperial system in the Qing dynasty, by AN Dongqiang, Beijing, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2017, 328 pp., ISBN 978-7-5201-0465-1
vol. 11 (2): 344-345
The migration of modernity: an alternative perspective on everyday life in rural communist base areas during wartime, 1937–1949
vol. 11 (2): 288-302
The emergence of the modern Chinese diplomats: officials in the Zongli yamen, waiwu bu and legations, 1861–1911, by LI Wenjie, Beijing, SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2017, 565 pp., ISBN 978-7-108-05644-3
vol. 11 (2): 341-344
The gender of memory: rural women and China’s collective past, by Gail HERSHATTER, translated by ZHANG Yun, Beijing, People’s Publishing House, 2017, 439 pp., ISBN 978-7-01-016781-7
vol. 11 (2): 347-349
Introduction: state, society, and the individual in wartime China during the 1930s and 1940s
vol. 11 (2): 175-179
Intellectual officers, professional journals, and military change in the Northeast and National Revolutionary Armies, 1928–1937
vol. 11 (2): 180-208
The maneuvering between Jiang Jieshi and southwestern warlords in the campaign to “exterminate the Communists” in 1934
vol. 11 (2): 209-226
The United Front in the context of politics based on personal relationships: the story of Mixian County in an age of ambivalence
vol. 11 (2): 227-248
The dark side of the war: corruption in the Guomindang government during World War II
vol. 11 (2): 249-263
Mobilizing the dead in wartime Chongqing
vol. 11 (2): 264-287
Desperate fighting: divorce petitions of soldiers’ spouses in the Communist base areas during the War of Resistance
vol. 11 (2): 303-322
Surviving the Second World War in Manchukuo: memories of Korean experiences of the war in Manchurian farming villages
vol. 11 (2): 323-340

Journal of Religious History

Issue information - TOC
vol. 41 (4): 429-430
Michael G. Thompson: For God and Globe: Christian Internationalism in the United States between the Great War and the Cold War. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2015; pp. xi + 250.
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Claire Cooke, vol. 41 (4): 553-554
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