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History of European Ideas

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A Relocated Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?
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Georges Sorel’s Diremption: Hegel, Marxism and Anti-Dialectics
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Virtue language in historical scholarship: the cases of Georg Waitz, Gabriel Monod and Henri Pirenne
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Experientia and the Machiavellian turn in religio-political and scientific thinking: Basel in 1580
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Existentialism as a Political Problem in Karl Löwith's Thought
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The Death of Beauty: Goya's Etchings and Black Paintings through the Eyes of André Malraux
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Race, polygenesis and equality: John Crawfurd and nineteenth-century resistance to evolution
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Mediated Technologies: Locating Non-Authorial Agency in Printed and Digital Texts
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A Gift Text of Hispano-Neapolitan Diplomacy: Giovan Battista Manso's Erocallia (1628)
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