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History of European Ideas

Virtue language in historical scholarship: the cases of Georg Waitz, Gabriel Monod and Henri Pirenne
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Experientia and the Machiavellian turn in religio-political and scientific thinking: Basel in 1580
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Existentialism as a Political Problem in Karl Löwith's Thought
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The Death of Beauty: Goya's Etchings and Black Paintings through the Eyes of André Malraux
Derek Allan, vol. 42 (7): 965-980
Race, polygenesis and equality: John Crawfurd and nineteenth-century resistance to evolution
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Theories of the Sublime in the Dutch Golden Age: Franciscus Junius, Joost van den Vondel and Petrus Wittewrongel
Stijn Bussels, vol. 42 (7): 882-892
Sara Miglietti, vol. 42 (5): 590-594
Mediated Technologies: Locating Non-Authorial Agency in Printed and Digital Texts
Andie Silva, vol. 42 (5): 607-617
David A. Lines, vol. 42 (5): 589-589
How to Paint a Roman Soldier: Early Modern Artists' Readings of Guillaume du Choul's Discours (1554–1556)
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A Gift Text of Hispano-Neapolitan Diplomacy: Giovan Battista Manso's Erocallia (1628)
Thomas Denman, vol. 42 (5): 683-693
London Calling: John Harington’s Exegetical Domestication of Ariosto in Late Sixteenth-Century England
Bryan Brazeau, vol. 42 (5): 640-650
‘Selecta colligere’: Marsilio Ficino and Renaissance Reading Practices
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A Multitude of Eyes, Tongues, and Mouths: Readerly Agency in Shakespeare's Sonnets
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The Censor as Reader: Censorial Responses to Bodin's Methodus in Counter-Reformation Italy (1587–1607)
Sara Miglietti, vol. 42 (5): 707-721
The Reader as Authorial Figure in Scientific Debate
Sarah E. Parker, vol. 42 (5): 694-706
‘Newly Amended and Much Enlarged’: Claims of Novelty and Enlargement on the Title Pages of Reprints in the Early Modern English Book Trade
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Fashioned through Use: Jacques Bellot's Rules and its Successors
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Ideas of Monarchical Reform: Fénelon, Jacobitism, and the Political Works of the Chevalier Ramsay
Minchul Kim, vol. 42 (3): 449-451
The Work of Hans Aarsleff: A Brief Introduction
Knud Haakonssen, ONLINE EARLY
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