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Journal of Religious History

“If It Teaches, It Teaches Imperceptibly:” Recasting the Secularity of the Victorian Public Sphere
Stefan Fisher-Høyrem, ONLINE EARLY
Towards the Post-Secular City? London since the 1960s
Jesus and Augustine: The God of Terror and the Origins of European Doubt
Dominic Erdozain, ONLINE EARLY

Journal of Scottish Historical Studies

Front matter
vol. 37 (2): -
vol. 37 (2): 0-0
Lost Alternatives to Council Housing? An Examination of Stirling's Alternative Housing Initiatives, c. 1906–1939
James J. Smyth, vol. 37 (2): 117-135
The Business of Religion: Lending and the Church of Scotland in the Eighteenth Century
Alistair Mutch, vol. 37 (2): 136-154
Women at Work: Innkeeping in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland 1790–1840
Theresa Mackay, vol. 37 (2): 155-176
The Making of a Missionary Icon: Mary Slessor as ‘Heroine of Empire’
Esther Breitenbach, vol. 37 (2): 177-197
Johnny Rodger, The Hero Building: An Architecture of Scottish National Identity
Kevin Guyan, vol. 37 (2): 198-199
Louise Settle, Sex For Sale in Scotland: Prostitution in Edinburgh and Glasgow, 1900–1939
Nina Attwood, vol. 37 (2): 199-201
A.D. Morrison-Low, Photography: A Victorian Sensation; Sara Stevenson and A.D. Morrison-Low, Scottish Photography: The First Thirty Years
Norman H. Reid, vol. 37 (2): 201-203
David Taylor, The Wild Black Region: Badenoch 1750–1800
Micky Gibbard, vol. 37 (2): 203-204
Janay Nugent and Elizabeth Ewan (eds), Children and Youth in Premodern Scotland
Steven J. Taylor, vol. 37 (2): 205-206
Jeffrey Meek, Queer Voices in Post-War Scotland: Male Homosexuality, Religion and Society; Alison Chand, Masculinities on Clydeside: Men in Reserved Occupations during the Second World War
Helen Smith, vol. 37 (2): 206-208
John R. Barrett, The Making of a Scottish Landscape: Moray's regular revolution, 1760–1840
Annie Tindley, vol. 37 (2): 208-209
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vol. 37 (2): -

Journal of the History of Collections

Books Received
The Material Cultures of Enlightenment Arts and Sciences
Richard Rawlinson and his Seal Matrices. Collecting in the early eighteenth century
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