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Scottish Historical Review

‘The Earl and the Doctor’: Richard Jebb, James Donaldson and University Politics in Victorian Scotland
vol. 93 (1): 109-141
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vol. 93 (1): 142-144
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vol. 93 (1): 144-145
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vol. 93 (1): 146-147
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vol. 93 (1): 147-149
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vol. 93 (1): 149-151
The Community of the College of Justice: Edinburgh and the Court of Session 1687–1808. By John Finlay. Pp. viii, 296. ISBN: 9780748645770. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2012. £75.00.
vol. 93 (1): 151-152
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vol. 93 (1): 153-154
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vol. 93 (1): 154-156
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vol. 93 (1): 156-158
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vol. 93 (1): 158-160

Settler Colonial Studies

Human suffering in colonial contexts: reflections from Palestine
Penal and colonial politics over life: women and penal release schemes in NSW, Australia
Social ignorance and Indigenous exclusion: public voices in the province of Quebec, Canada
Erratum: Erratum
Creek paths and federal roads: Indians, settlers, and slaves and the making of the American South
North American borderlands
German expansionism, imperial liberalism, and the United States, 1776–1945
The seeds we planted: portraits of a Native Hawaiian charter school

Slavery & Abolition

Beyond Profitability: The Dutch Transatlantic Slave Trade and its Economic Impact
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