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Journal of Israeli History Politics, Society, Culture

With the face to the future: The kibbutz in recent literary works
vol. 34 (1): 93-107
Divine Service? Judaism and Israel's Armed Forces
vol. 34 (1): 113-116

Journal of Medieval History

Mediating memory: recalling and recording the miracles of St Thomas Cantilupe
vol. 41 (3): 292-308
The Briouze family in the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries: inheritance strategies, lordship and identity
vol. 41 (3): 341-361
The resuscitation of Roger of Conwy: a Cantilupe miracle and the society of Edwardian north Wales
vol. 41 (3): 309-324
Witnessing history: perspectives on medieval Swansea and its cultural contexts
vol. 41 (3): 249-255
Place, identity and performance: spatial practices and social proxies in medieval Swansea
vol. 41 (3): 256-272
The geography of Welsh literary production in late medieval Glamorgan
vol. 41 (3): 325-340
A silent witness? Medieval urban landscapes and unfolding their mapping histories
vol. 41 (3): 273-291
Mirrored images: the Passion and the First Crusade in a fourteenth-century Parisian illuminated manuscript (Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS fr. 352)
vol. 41 (2): 184-207
A saint, an abbot, his documents and her property: power, reform and landholding in the monastery of Homblières under Abbot Berner (949–82)
vol. 41 (2): 155-168
Transported as a rare object of distinction: the gift-giving of Clémence of Hungary, Queen of France
vol. 41 (2): 208-228
Frisonica libertas: Frisian freedom as an instance of medieval liberty
vol. 41 (2): 229-248
Preaching laughter in the thirteenth century: the exempla of Arnold of Liège (d. c.1308) and his Dominican milieu
vol. 41 (2): 169-183
Cultural contacts and ethnic origins in Viking Age Wales and northern Britain: the case of Albanus, Britain's first inhabitant and Scottish ancestor
vol. 41 (2): 131-154

Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies

Sugar and spices in Portuguese Renaissance medicine
vol. 7 (2): 176-196
Las obras de las crónicas de Alfonso III: Crónica de Alfonso II sobre el final de los reyes godos, Leyenda de Covadonga, Crónica de Sebastián de Salamanca y Crónica de Ordoño I
vol. 7 (2): 249-265
Pero López de Ayala and the politics of rewriting the past
vol. 7 (2): 266-282
Political identities in conflict: the Lordship of Vizcaya in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries
vol. 7 (1): 112-134
La reina Violante de Aragón, Jofré de Loaysa y la Crónica de Alfonso X. Un gran fragmento cronístico del siglo XIII reutilizado en el XIV
vol. 7 (1): 87-111
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