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French History

French Colonial Soldiers in German Captivity during World War II
Moore, B., vol. 29 (4): 588-589
Post-Holocaust France and the Jews, 1945-1955
Lee, D., vol. 29 (4): 590-591
Academie Royale: A History in Portraits
Barker, E., vol. 29 (4): 591-592
L'Honnete Femme: The Respectable Woman in Society and the New Collection of Letters and Responses by Contemporary Women
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Imperial Identities: Stereotyping, Prejudice and Race in Colonial Algeria
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La vie inimitable. Dans les maquis du Trieves et du Vercors en 1943 et 1944
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A Rescuer's Story: Pastor Pierre-Charles Toureille in Vichy France
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Pere Marie-Benoit and Jewish Rescue. How a French Priest Together with Jewish Friends Saved Thousands during the Holocaust
Cornick, M., vol. 29 (4): 596-597
SSFH Society News
vol. 29 (4): 598-604

Gender and History

Issue Information
vol. 28 (1): 1-3
vol. 28 (1): 4-7
Gendering Dark Age Jesus
Lynda Coon, vol. 28 (1): 8-33
Handywomen and Birthing in Rural Ireland, 1851–1955
Ciara Breathnach, vol. 28 (1): 34-56
The Curse of Civilised Woman: Race, Gender and the Pain of Childbirth in Nineteenth-Century American Medicine
Miriam Rich, vol. 28 (1): 57-76
Achilles or Adonis: Controversies Surrounding the Male Body as National Symbol in Georgian England
Henk Smaele, vol. 28 (1): 77-101
Erotic Attachment, Identity Formation and the Body Politic: The Woman-as-nation in Canadian Graphic Satire, 1867–1914
Carmen J. Nielson, vol. 28 (1): 102-126
An Archive of Difference: Syrian Women, the Peddling Economy and US Social Welfare, 1880–1935
Charlotte Karem Albrecht, vol. 28 (1): 127-149
‘The Gospel of Health’: American Missionaries and the Transformation of Ottoman/Turkish Women's Bodies, 1890–1932
Caroline Kahlenberg, vol. 28 (1): 150-176
The Problem that Had a Name: French High-Rise Developments and the Fantasy of a Suburban Homemaker Pathology, 1954–73
Michael Mulvey, vol. 28 (1): 177-198
The Company Owns the Mine but They Don't Own Us: Feminist Critiques of Capitalism in the Coalfields of Kentucky in the 1970s
Jessica Wilkerson, vol. 28 (1): 199-220
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