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Intellectual History Review

Historical faith and philosophical theology: the case of Thomas White
vol. 26 (2): 221-243
The critique of religion as political critique: Mīrzā Fatḥ ʿAlī Ākhūndzāda's pre-Islamic xenology
vol. 26 (2): 171-184
Exclusion in Descartes’s Rules for the Direction of the Mind: the emergence of the real distinction
vol. 26 (2): 203-219
Cicero the Pantheist: a radical reading of Ciceronian scepticism in John Toland's Pantheisticon (1720)
vol. 26 (2): 245-261
The superfluous revolution: post-Kantian philosophy and the nature of religious excess
vol. 26 (2): 263-283
The soul of doubt: the religious roots of unbelief from Luther to Marx
vol. 26 (2): 305-307
Imagined civilizations: China, the west and their first encounter
vol. 26 (2): 307-309
Reflecting subjects: passion, sympathy, and society
vol. 26 (2): 309-311
Empire and revolution: the political life of Edmund Burke
vol. 26 (2): 311-313
Historical writing in Britain, 1688–1830: visions of history
vol. 26 (2): 314-315
Intellectual traditions in South Africa: ideas, individuals and institutions
vol. 26 (2): 316-317
Locke and Spinoza on the epistemic and motivational weaknesses of reason: the Reasonableness of Christianity and the Theological-Political Treatise
The collapse of mechanism and the rise of sensibility: science and the shaping of modernity, 1680–1760
The Victorian aetiology of Wilsonian liberal internationalism

International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing

Editors' Note
vol. 10 (2): 0-0
Notes on Contributors
vol. 10 (2): 0-0
Modelling East Asian Calendars in an Open Source Authority Database
vol. 10 (2): 127-144
Modelling Complex Non-Rectilinear Textile Structures
vol. 10 (2): 145-178
Smallholding Travel in the Agrarian Revolution: Using a Farmer Diary to Map Spatio-temporal Patterns in Late Nineteenth Century Sweden
vol. 10 (2): 179-204
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