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First World War Studies

Creating the Russian peril: education, the public sphere, and national identity in imperial Germany, 1890–1914 / Our friend “the enemy”: elite education in Britain and Germany before World War I
vol. 6 (1): 99-101
War disabled on screen: remembering and forgetting the Great War in the Russian and Soviet cinema, 1914–1940
vol. 6 (1): 57-79
Prosthesis for the body and for the soul: the origins of guide dog provision for blind veterans in interwar Germany
vol. 6 (1): 81-98
‘A painful and disagreeable position’: rediscovering patient narratives and evaluating the difference between policy and experience for institutionalized veterans with mental disabilities, 1924–1931
vol. 6 (1): 37-55
Commemorating the disabled soldier: 1914–1940
vol. 6 (1): 1-7
‘Thanks to the Great War the blind gets the recognition of his ability to act’: the rehabilitation of blinded servicemen in Florence
vol. 6 (1): 21-35
Front lines of modernism: remapping the great war in British fiction
vol. 6 (1): 109-111
German soldiers in the great war: letters and eyewitness accounts
vol. 6 (1): 104-106
Healing the nation: prisoners of war, medicine and nationalism in Turkey, 1914–1939
vol. 6 (1): 106-108
British Generalship during the great war: the military career of Sir Henry Horne (1861–1929)
vol. 6 (1): 108-109
Loyalty betrayed: Jewish chaplains in the German Army during the First World War
vol. 6 (1): 111-112
‘Jumpy Stump’: amputation and trauma in the first world war
vol. 6 (1): 9-19
When the United States invaded Russia: Woodrow Wilson's Siberian disaster
vol. 6 (1): 103-104
Beyond ‘The Bleak and Dismal Shore:’ the wartime and postwar experiences of American Four Minute Men, 1917–1927
vol. 5 (3): 305-318
Serbian and Habsburg Military institutional legacies in Yugoslavia after 1918
vol. 5 (3): 319-335
Reading as war effort: the National Home Reading Union during the First World War

Folk Life

Tracking Change: Lily-of-the-Valley Custom and Festival in France
Cozette Griffin-Kremer, vol. 53 (1): 1-18
Dreg Songs Lost … and Found
Robert Young Walser, vol. 53 (1): 19-35
The Italian Contribution to Manchester
Anthony Rea, vol. 53 (1): 36-56
Perceptions of Welshness: Tourists’ Impressions of the Material and Traditional Culture of Wales, 1770–1840
Michael Freeman, vol. 53 (1): 57-71
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