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History of European Ideas

The challenge of the oceanic feeling: Romain Rolland’s mystical critique of psychoanalysis and his call for a ‘new science of the mind’
Ayon Maharaj, vol. 43 (5): 474-493
Gombrich’s critique of Hauser’s Social History of Art
Jim Berryman, vol. 43 (5): 494-506
‘How can the people be restricted?’: the Mont Pèlerin Society and the problem of democracy, 1947–1998
Lars Cornelissen, vol. 43 (5): 507-524
L’animal en République: 1789–1802, genèse du droit des bêtes
Minchul Kim, vol. 43 (5): 531-532
From practice to theory to practice: William Penn from prison to the founding of Pennsylvania
Andrew R. Murphy, vol. 43 (4): 317-330
John Owen and John Locke: confessionalism, doctrinal minimalism, and toleration
Manfred Svensson, vol. 43 (4): 302-316
Deism, freethinking and toleration in Enlightenment England
Diego Lucci, vol. 43 (4): 345-358
Radical tolerance in early enlightenment Europe
Lionel Laborie, vol. 43 (4): 359-375
Introduction: Religious toleration in the Age of Enlightenment
Juan Pablo Domínguez, vol. 43 (4): 273-287
The long road to religious toleration: Emeric Crucé predecessor of the enlightenment
María José Villaverde, vol. 43 (4): 288-301
A State Within the State: The Inquisition in Enlightenment Thought
Juan Pablo Domínguez, vol. 43 (4): 376-388
Bayle’s political doctrine: a proposal to articulate tolerance and sovereignty
Marta García-Alonso, vol. 43 (4): 331-344
New conceptions of transcendence in the thought of the British idealists
William J. Mander, vol. 43 (3): 241-250
Transcendence, idealism and modernity
Laura Marcus, vol. 43 (3): 223-225
Varieties of mystical experience in William James and other moderns
Jane Shaw, vol. 43 (3): 226-240
‘Here or nowhere is your America’: idealism, religion and nationalism
Andrew Vincent, vol. 43 (3): 251-261
Everyday transcendence? Robert Musil, William James, and mysticism
Ritchie Robertson, vol. 43 (3): 262-272
Catharine Macaulay’s enlightenment faith and radical politics
Limiting democracy and framing the economy: Hayek, Schmitt and ordoliberalism
Gibbon’s second trilogy: an introductory survey
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