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Historical Research

Female barrenness, bodily access and aromatic treatments in seventeenth-century England
Jennifer Evans, vol. 87 (237): 423-443
Imperialism first, the war second: the British, an Armenian legion, and deliberations on where to attack the Ottoman empire, November 1914–April 1915
Andrekos Varnava, vol. 87 (237): 533-555
‘You are what you eat’: historical changes in ideas about food and identity
Steven Shapin, vol. 87 (237): 377-392
‘M4 to Wales – and prosper!’ A history of a motorway
Martin Johnes, vol. 87 (237): 556-573
Prelude to the Opium War? British reactions to the ‘Napier Fizzle’ and attitudes towards China in the mid eighteen-thirties
GAO Hao, vol. 87 (237): 491-509
‘A considerable portion of the defence of the Empire’: Lisbon and victualling the royal navy during the French Revolutionary War, 1793–1802
Martin Robson, vol. 87 (237): 466-490
Provincial news networks in late Elizabethan Devon
Ian Cooper, vol. 87 (237): 404-422
The impact of land accumulation and consolidation on population trends in the pre-industrial period: two contrasting cases in the Low Countries
D. R. Curtis, vol. 87 (236): 194-228
The myth of sovereignty: British immigration control in policy and practice in the nineteen-seventies
Evan Smith, Marinella Marmo, vol. 87 (236): 344-369
Can we conquer unemployment? The Liberal party, public works and the 1931 political crisis
Peter Sloman, ONLINE EARLY
Intelligence and intrigue in the March of Wales: noblewomen and the fall of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, 1274–82
The rise of the promeneur: walking the city in eighteenth-century Paris
Laurent Turcot, ONLINE EARLY
Black people and the criminal justice system: prejudice and practice in later eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century London
Peter King, John Carter Wood, ONLINE EARLY
Eugenics, socialism and artificial insemination: the public career of Herbert Brewer
David Redvaldsen, ONLINE EARLY
Lord Burghley's ‘Ten precepts’ for his son, Robert Cecil: a new date and interpretation
Fred B. Tromly, ONLINE EARLY
Moral economies and the cold chain
Susanne Freidberg, ONLINE EARLY
Famine is not the problem: a historical perspective
Cormac Ó Gráda, ONLINE EARLY
False traitors or worthy knights? Treason and rebellion against Edward II in the Scalacronica and the Anglo-Norman prose Brut chronicles
Radical Geneva? The publication of Knox's First Blast of the Trumpet and Goodman's How Superior Powers Oght to be Obeyd in context
Charlotte Panofre, ONLINE EARLY


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