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Gender and History

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vol. 28 (1): 258-259
Volume 27 (2015) Index
vol. 28 (1): 260-262
vol. 27 (3): 0-0
Men at Home: Domesticities, Authority, Emotions and Work (Thirteenth–Twentieth Centuries)
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Home and Away: The Flight from Domesticity in Late-Nineteenth-Century England Re-visited
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Native American Men – and Women – at Home in Plural Marriages in Seventeenth-Century New France
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Meanings of Fatherhood in Late-Medieval Montpellier: Love, Care and the Exercise of Patria Potestas
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Generations of Men and Masculinity in Two Late-Medieval Biographies of Saints
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Fathers at Home: Life Writing and Late-Victorian and Edwardian Plebeian Domestic Masculinities
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