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Historical Research

Episcopal emotions: tears in the life of the medieval bishop
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Letters of Richard II (1397–8) in the authorship of William Ferriby
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Earl Gilbert Marshal and his mortal enemies
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Female barrenness, bodily access and aromatic treatments in seventeenth-century England
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Imperialism first, the war second: the British, an Armenian legion, and deliberations on where to attack the Ottoman empire, November 1914–April 1915
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‘You are what you eat’: historical changes in ideas about food and identity
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‘M4 to Wales – and prosper!’ A history of a motorway
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Prelude to the Opium War? British reactions to the ‘Napier Fizzle’ and attitudes towards China in the mid eighteen-thirties
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‘A considerable portion of the defence of the Empire’: Lisbon and victualling the royal navy during the French Revolutionary War, 1793–1802
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Provincial news networks in late Elizabethan Devon
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The impact of land accumulation and consolidation on population trends in the pre-industrial period: two contrasting cases in the Low Countries
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The myth of sovereignty: British immigration control in policy and practice in the nineteen-seventies
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Notes on Contributors
vol. 99 (337): 0-0
John Charmley, vol. 99 (337): 567-567
The Amherst Embassy and British Discoveries in China
Gao Hao, vol. 99 (337): 568-587
Toasting Fox: The Fox Dinners in Edinburgh and Glasgow, 1801–1825
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Eighteenth-Century Jamaica's Ambivalent Cosmopolitanism
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Britain, Balkan Conflicts and the Evolving Conceptions of Militarism, 1875–1913
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Britain's Crimean War Trophy Guns: The Case of Ludlow and the Marches
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